Saturday, August 3, 2013

Baby Jogger City Select Limited Edition Stroller Review

 Baby Jogger Limited Edition City Select Stroller Review

Is it a Midsummer Night's Dream?

An all black Baby Jogger City Select?

Looking kinda' Darth Vaderish, with the black frame, wheels, seat, canopy, and handlebar?
No, my fellow Shakespearians, it is not a dream.
But it is a Limited Edition, and it is in stores now.

Limited or not, it's pretty fabulous. It starts out as a single, but you can add on another seat to make it a double. 

You can actually convert it into 16 different configurations, as I discussed in my double review three years ago.

Yes, StrollerPrince 2.0 really did have curly blond locks.
As a single, it has all of the wonderful Baby Jogger features that we've come to embrace.

The LE CS has a huge seat,


And a generous canopy with peekaboo window. You can make it shorter or longer, AND higher or lower!

It has a large basket that zippers in the front for easy access, and zippers in the back to expand.

There's a brake on the handle, which also telescopes.

Talk about details-- the footwell  can be shortened or lengthened!

There's suspension on the front wheels, and sealed ball bearings.

And 12" rear "forever air" tires that easily pop off for cleaning or travel.

The harness is simple to adjust, the seat reclines flat, and it is easy (like everything else on Baby Jogger), to reverse. Now that's worth a hug! 

The fold, of course, is so quick that it's magical. And there's an auto lock that keeps it closed. No fairy dust required!  
 So don't be surprised if you draw a crowd,

Or get a round of applause

For the City Select Limited Edition, Star of the Stroller Stage! 

 Weight:  30 pounds
 Seat Back:  20"              
 Seat to canopy:  23"

 Seat Width: 12.5"
 Seat Depth:  9"-18"

 Drop to footrest: 9" or 18'!
 Seat to ground:  23"
 Length:  36"
 Width:  24.5"
 Height: 39"-42"



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  1. Oh, wow! I love the conversion to a double. Double strollers are so bulky but you don't always need it. Especially when you only have one kid and know you will eventually have another. This way you don't have to buy 2 strollers.

  2. Ich kaufe meine Babysachen für meine Enkel immer beim gleichen Anbieter. Ich war bisher auch immer sehr zufrieden. Meine letzte Anschaffung war ein Baby Jogger City Mini für die zwei kleinsten. Meine Tochter ist begeistert, meine Enkel sowieso... Tolles Teil!