Monday, July 22, 2013

Jane' Rider stroller review, the exclusive US debut!

Jane' Rider stroller review
Sailing, sailing, o'er the bounding main...

Recently, I waxed poetic about the return of Jane' to the U.S.
So I won't repeat all that.

   But I will say that I am now having "boatloads" of fun actually using my new Jane' Rider.

   Because now, it's available on this side of the pond, yippee! Yessirree, you can buy it now right here in the good ol' US of A!

The cute navy design reminded me of a nautical theme.

And look at the designs on the seat! That further put me in a seaside frame of mind.
It's original, that's for sure.   When you push the Rider, it "sails" along.

A one-handed push seems essential these days, when we're all holding a phone or a coffee or a toddler's hand or a dog leash in the other.

The seat reverses quickly, another "must have" in these times of choice.

 And it's easy to do! You just push down on the side levers, and it pops off.

The backrest adjusts to three different positions. There's an optional bassinette, too.
 The bumper bar can swing away, which is a feature a lot of people really like.
 It is also easily removable, so it's easy for you to get your little one in and out of the seat.
 The brake is on the handle, which is pretty convenient.

There are shock absorbers on the wheels, with suspension that you can adjust from soft to hard.
 So the wheels just spring down curbs, no problem.
The basket is long, and there is a lot of clearance to the top. So you could get a good sized diaper bag in there; no problem.

Continuing with the quality details, you can see this pattern on the legrest.

  And you can adjust it by pushing in the two side buttons.

This seat pad is easily removed for washing, by the way.

The chassis sits up pretty high, so your child can get a better view of their surroundings.
And a better view of you! 

The handle is height adjustable. For shorter people,

 or taller.

    The rear axel is an inverted "U",
 so even people with long strides won't kick the back.
 And the fold is easy, too. You just pull up on the trigger handles, and down she goes. You can fold the Rider with the seat on, and facing you. Fantastic!

   Jane' Rider
Weight: Seat: 8.5 pds, Chassis: 19.5 pounds                
Seat Back: 20"
Seat to canopy: 24"
Seat Width: 13"
Seat Depth: 9"
Drop to footrest: 5"- 10"
Seat to ground: 29"
Length: 31.5"
Width: 15" (front) 24" (rear)
Height: 34"-42"

Wheel size: 8" (front) 11" (rear)
Folded:   34"L x 26"W x 13"H

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  1. FANCY! I like the high riding chasis!

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  3. This stroller is gorgeous, love the print and the design! It looks very well made! Thanks for your review!

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