Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PLUSH Consumer Day, JuJube, Lillebaby

  Things picked up a little at PLUSH on consumer day. First off, there were lots of giveaways.

And a Winnie the Pooh story area for the kiddos.

Here's the VIP area.

Yeah, there was cupcakes. And coconut water.
 And swag.
 Britax had some traffic.

That fabulous Frontier 90 was a big draw!

Here's the lovely Lisbeth of Lillebaby.

Demonstrating her lovely baby carrier.

And her equally lovely team (yes, I used lovely three times on purpose.)

Jamie's second seminar.

   The ever popular JuJuBe.

But rats! No TokiDoki! I love TokiDoki!
 Look Ma, no black hole!

 A mommy tried out her baby, in the Babyhome Emotion..

She seemed pretty contented.

 My dear old friends Bryan and Pam. I've known them since before the original SP was born! 
 Fabulous, funny, friendly, fantastic people.
 Diono had a bump.
 I really enjoyed talking with Oliver and Allana
  And tomorrow, we wrap up PLUSH with the undisputed stars of the show--guess who?

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