Saturday, April 13, 2013

Peg Perego Book Plus Stroller Review

Birthday Book Plus

  Have you ever noticed what happens when you marry two great ideas into one, like peanut butter and chocolate, a forward and reversible seat stroller, St. Patricks' Day and Easter? The result can be stupendous, as you are about to see. 
This story is about the latter two, not the former, although I do really like Reese's cups. Combining St. Patrick's Day and Easter together this year was happenstance; they just came too close together. Combining a forward and reversible seat stroller into one was Peg Perego's brainchild--which resulted in this lovely Book Plus. And like the merger of all strong unions, the offspring is a force to be reckoned with. 

 The first thing you notice about the Book Plus is it's beauty, with those fine Italian fabrics, and eye-popping colors.
 There's a peekaboo window with sun protection

And the trademark amazing canopy.
The seat is large, and it reclines flat,
Which is done by adjusting this back lever.
It also goes completely upright, and there's generous side wings, to prevent slumping,
Notice the extended leg rest.
Here's a big basket that's easy to access, with plenty of clearance,
and reflective piping so people can see you coming at night. 
 Yes, there's a height adjustable handle,
 Short or tall, the Book Plus has it all!
 There's a bumper bar for a child to pull themselves forward,
And it swings open for easy in and out.
 There's a matching boot to keep baby cozy
  (SQ tip: It also keeps baby's blankets and toys inside!)
There are even a few surprises on the Book Plus. If you reach underneath the seat, you find a little net boot! It wraps around the bumper bar, to make a safe enclosure for baby. 
 Don't forget to attach the cupholder!
    And guess what...the Book Plus folds with the seat in either direction! It's super easy, you just yank up the handle under the seat. It stands alone folded, and you can pull it along behind you! 

 It's also amazingly easy to push, which is what we discovered running it up and down the world famous StrollerQueen Obstacle Course. The one-handed maneuverability is outstanding.
Chalk it up to those amazing ball bearings, that makes the wheels turn on a dime

And suspension, too!
They combine to give the Book Plus a glide of a ride.
  Lucky you, they're for sale now in stores now!
 So hop right down and pick one up, 
Or jump to your favorite online store

And if you need only one great idea, then there's the Book. Just Book, not Book Plus.
It is forward facing only, no boot, and about $100 less. And if you're just joining us now, then it is worth mentioning again....they are both made in Italy, Paisano! Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Easter, and Happy Birthday to SP 2.0!

Peg Perego Book Plus
Weight: 25 pounds

Wheel size:  10 " rear, 7" front

Seat Back:  18.5"
Seat to canopy:   24"
Seat Width: 12" 

Seat Depth: 9" to 16" 
Drop to footrest:  12" 

Seat to ground:  21"
Length:  33"
Width:   22.5"
Height:  31"-43 " (adjustable)

Folded: 18" x 22.5" x 36"

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  1. Hi, may is ask if you have any experience riding the peg perego book in a more bumpy area? like in the woods or on the beach? because i very much like it, but i have my doubts about the comfort of the wheels. and we take our dog every day for a long walk, so it must be a comfortable stroller
    thank you,

  2. Yes, the wheels perform surprisingly well. Though if the surface is really rough, you may prefer larger, air tires.