Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby Jogger City Micro Review

Micro Zoo

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, a lot of us will be traveling home to see our families. 
("Where did he go?)
Some of us may take advantage of winter school breaks to go somewhere far off, and exotic. 
 (Look, there he is"!)


And some of us may stay closer to home, doing things like visiting aquariums, zoos, and playgrounds.
So the main question I am being asked this time of year is "StrollerQueen, can you recommend a lightweight stroller?
It has to fold small, because our car is packed with luggage and gifts.
And it has to be budget friendly, since I spent all our money Christmas/Hannukah shopping".
("Hey, who's pushin' me around!)
(Um, gulp, Mom?)

 So here's what I can answer: "Try the Baby Jogger City Micro"!
(Ah, there you are, whew.")

(We're craning our necks to see it!)
(It looks yummy! Can we taste it?)
The Micro is quite similar to it's big sister, the Mini.

Still has the scooped out, easy to access basket.
huge net pouch in back for even more storage,

deep recline

with ample padding,

It has the famous one-hand fold,

super easy harness adjustment,

 holes on the side to insert a belly bar or child snack tray,
  huge, 3-panel canopy,

with not one,
 but two peekaboo windows,
  and the same compact fold.

About the main difference is the wheels.  
At 5.5" front and 7" rear, they are smaller than the Mini's. Theoretically that means they won't perform as well outdoors. They did great on these rubber playground chip thingies, though. Just sailed over them.
On the other hand, the smaller wheels also means the Micro is less likely to get hung up in shopping aisles. And they lock, so that will help you get over some rough patches.
   It only comes in two colors;
this dark blue/grey, which is really pretty, and a lighter grey/black.
And it's only sold at Target. But it's $50 less than the Mini. And Target has the 5% off if you use their card, 10% percent if you use their baby registry, etc. So if you're a little strapped this time of year, it might be worth it to you.
Bring it on home!
 Baby Jogger City Micro
Weight: 17.5 pounds
Width:  23.5"
Length: 34.5"
Height:  41"
Seat Width:  14"
Seat Depth:  10"
Seat Back:  20"
Seat to Canopy:   26"
Drop to Footrest: 8.5"
Seat to Floor:  19"
Folded: 24"x 31" x 10"