Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Jogger City Versa Review

 And now we present to you...drum roll...the US debut of the BABY JOGGER CITY VERSA!

So simple to use, even a child can do it!

And so to illustrate that point, my DD demonstrates some of it's fab features. It really wasn't planned that way. But when we got home from her Irish dancing Feis yesterday, we were so excited to see that it had arrived that we tore open the box. As I was putting it together, in seconds, it seemed, she was impressed. She asked if we could go out and take it for a stroll. And so we did.


 In my opinion, this is the next generation. BJ combined all of the best features of the City Mini, GT and Select to make this their best stroller yet! Oh and yes, it DOES fold with the seat facing either direction, whoo hoo! Now if you are a first time mom, and a little intimidated, or a mom with more than one, and a little distracted, watch how easy the Versa is to use.

The seat is really big for a reversible. See all of this headroom? 4 year old StrollerPrince 2.0 was very comfortable in it. 

 Even when it was time to sleep!

Addendum:... I pushed it ALL over the OC Fair a couple of days ago. I mean all day, and all night. That's what happens when you have older kids who like rides, sigh. I have to say that it was just brilliant. We had purses and backpacks and bags piled up in the basket. SP 2.0 jumped in and out all day. Much of the time I was holding a coffee or one of the kid's drinks in my other hand, so I mostly pushed it one-handed. A stroller with smaller wheels might have gotten stuck going through the haybarns and aggie places, so I was happy I chose the Versa. But the fair was pretty crowded, so I was happy I didn't have anything bigger.

We were in my friend's Mercedes SUV which has the weeniest cargo space I have ever seen. She said there was no way it would fit. But was shocked to see that it did! I was also really happy that at the end of the loooong day I could just yank the strap and throw it in there. We were all so tired, and not having to fool with folding a stroller is really a blessing in these situations. So in short, I do think think it's very "Versa-tile". There are not a lot of strollers that could have handled this type of situation so well.

Baby Jogger City Versa
Weight: 26 pounds

Wheel size:   8"

Seat Back:   22"

Seat to canopy:   24"

Seat Width:   12.5"

Seat Depth:   9.5-19.5" (adjustable)

Drop to footrest:   9-10" (adjustable)

Seat to ground:   20"

Length:   31" (wheels turned inward)

Width:   23"

Height:    31.5"-41.5" (adjustable)

Folded: 23" x 31.5" x 12" (gets much shorter and flatter if you pop off front wheels)

To see all 2012 models, go to and for personal help, go to


  1. Hi Janet, nice review! Have you tried it with Glider board yet?

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