Monday, June 18, 2012

SnoozeShade Review

 Here's another new product from Europe, the SnoozeShade.
   It was developed by a lovely British "MomPreneur" whose young daughter was having trouble napping with the sun in her face. 

  The SnoozeShade is breathable, said to block out 98% of UV rays, and it fits most all strollers.
A big advantage of this is that it is actually a black-out shade. Which means you finally have a sleep solution, for light sensitive young 'uns.
  I really could have used this yesterday. I was at an all day, outdoors, very sunny festival. After running around, SP 2.0 got very sleepy. And I happened to be using a stroller with a short canopy. And I forgot to bring the SnoozeShade.  So I had to do the sloppy and sliding blanket over the canopy thing, so he could nap.

This one is the "Plus". It has a zip front canopy window, so your child can see out better.
 It is also longer than the regular, so it fits a taller/older child. 
 The SnoozeShade also comes in a version for double strollers, car seats, and play yards.
And when you don't need it, it just folds up neatly into this little net pouch.

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