Monday, December 12, 2011

Combi Twin Sport

Combi Combines

I may be in the minority, but I love double strollers. Love them.
Especially when they are so light and user friendly, like this Combi Twin Sport.
Doubles make Christmas shopping so much easier. This time of year can feel exhausting and overwhelming to young children. It's nice for them to have a seat of their own to rest in.
Crowds are also an issue. It is much safer, and easier, to contain a small child, when you are busy deciding what gifts to buy.
The guardrail swings open, or pops off, so they can climb in or out easily. Really gives you something to shout about! 
 Now I have heard some people say that Combis aren't good for bigger children.  But, at nearly 5, this little girl still fits!  And I had no problem pushing her and StrollerPrince 2.0 around the Christmas tree lot.
 The Combi Twin Sport is one of the only doubles I can think of that has a carry strap. Most would be simply too heavy to sling over your shoulder. This makes it ideal for your holiday travels.
It also has two big baskets that are easily accessible,
The canopies have large pockets in the back, for storage, that velcro shut.
And there are peekaboo windows on the top
With a mesh vent, that velcros closed.
The seats are thickly padded, with a breathable mesh lining for better airflow. Maybe it's cold outside now, but in the summer, nothing worse than a hot and sweaty baby!
and there's a cupholder, of course!
 Here is how an 18 month old fits, but he is so bundled up that he looks like the Michelin baby!
 And here is SP 2.0 with a 5 month old. She's sitting up nicely in it, but there's a pretty good recline is she wants to nap. Like the single, there is an "Infant safety boot" that wraps up around the guardrail, so there's no worry about her sliding out. It's hidden under the seat fabric, when you aren't using it.
It doesn't seem so long ago that SP 2.0 was that size, sigh.
I think she's eyeing his ice cream.
And loyal readers, fear not. I have not changed my stance about eating in strollers. It was DH who gave him the cone. He never spilled, thank goodness! But if he did, the seat pads are easy to remove, and washable.
 Because after all, there are three, count 'em, three, little holders here for eating and drinking on the run.
That's something to bark about!
 I found it interesting that the "Sunset Scribble" matched the flamingos so well. And, how much do you think I found it for on sale?
OK, I'll "bite". How much?
What? Did you really say $199? Holds a "Shuttle" car seat? And it weighs 24 pounds? And it stands folded, in a compact package? We are craning our necks, to see this Combi double wonder!
Combi Twin Sport
Weight: 24 lbs.
Seat Back: 19.5"
Seat to canopy: 25"
Seat Width: 12"
Seat Depth:  8.5"
Drop to footrest: 7.5"
Seat to ground: 15.5"
Length: 26"
Width:  30"
Height: 41"
Tri-Fold: 41"x 25"x 17"
Flat Fold: 30"x 8"x 42" 
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  1. Great review! I have been wondering how well and older toddler would fit in one of these and how the push was. Thanks!