Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quinny Senzz Review

Basketball Senzz

 When I think basketball, I think big. Tall. 
 Which makes me think of tall seat strollers, for big kids. What better stroller to take to the game, then, than the latest entry into the huge seat stroller category,  the Quinny Senzz?
 Not to mention that the color is Bruins blue, haha. 
  The Senzz is one of those "More than meets the eye" strollers we've been seeing lately. In other words, it has a lot of features that aren't necessarily apparent at first blush.
 First, there is that aforementioned big seat. Big enough that my 9 year old could sit in it, my 12 year old could sit in it, and even *I* could sit in it!  Not only that, but even with those big kids in it, it was shockingly easy to push. Hardly felt the difference between them and SP 2.0.
 The harness is long, and very easy to adjust.

 The canopy is much bigger than it seems, and retracts quite nicely.
Here is the recline with the canopy up.

And with it down.

It's done with a back lever, which many people find much easier to use than a drawstring.

The fabric is soft and pretty, very complimentary to the aesthetics of the frame. 
Which makes for a comfy seat, to watch all the action.
 Fun to fold, and folds into a tight little package. Has a carry handle, and stands alone folded.

 And it locks automatically, with a side latch. 
  I thought the square handle would bother me, but it didn't. It is so thin and light, that it is actually quite comfortable to hold.
 A lovely detail that you won't see in pictures is the basket. It actually is a woven, wicker-type basket!
Interesting to put such a retro feature on such a modern design.
 And speaking of baskets, haha...

 At least some people were excited, lol!
 How did the Senzz perform on the SQ Obstacle Course? Slam dunk! Handled grass, mud, gravel, wood chips, uneven sidewalks, and big bumps a lot better than most other strollers it's size. It's really strong point was stairs. So easy to roll up and down. The wheel base is the perfect length.
 Of course, it is not an A/T stroller, but it is not meant to be. Quinny set out to make a mid-range stroller to fill the gap between the bare bones Zapp, and the full featured, reversible Buzz. I think they did a marvelous job.
     Quinny Senzz 
Weight:                            18 lbs. 

Seat Back:                        18"

Seat to canopy:                25"

Seat Width:                      16"

Seat Depth:                     

Drop to footrest:                8"

Seat to ground:                 15"

Length:                             29"

Width:                               24.5"

Height:                              41"

Folded:                              28"L x 25"W x 9"H

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  1. It sounds like a neat stroller, and one that could even work for parents of kids with special needs. I love my zapp, so it's exciting to see quinny make more fun strollers. =)

    The colors seem a little odd to me, though, even if they are great for that basketball game (perfect setting for the review!)

  2. How's the brakes of the stroller? I've been reading some reviews that the brakes are not good.

  3. To sheenuhbaby: the brakes are not good. I got one senzz and its brake failed to function within less than 6 months of use. The quality of brake is "surprising poor" compared to its price.