Saturday, January 8, 2011

Joovy Cocoon X2 Review

Groovy Joovy New Year!
 My philosophy is that everyone should celebrate the New Year by having fun. Bubbly, happy, festive, strolling fun. And what's more entertaining than a stroller/jogger/bike trailer at the beach? OK, I can think of a few things...
But anyway, the Joovy Cocoon X2 is something to toot your horn about. It is just a really enjoyable vehicle, whether you are in the sand, snow, playground, or in the 'hood.

For starters, you can put two kids in the X2. Two very large kids, for a total weight of 100 pounds. Now you may think pushing 100 pounds of kids is difficult. 
 And in most strollers it is. But not in the Cocoon. I did it, one-handed, all over the boardwalk, and all over an amusement park. I am totally not kidding. The 20" wheels and overall design of the Cocoon gives it a phenomenal push.

Kids really love the view, both front and sides. The visibility is amazing. 
 There is  huge rear compartment to store bags, party hats, and horns. I love the way it zips up to keep everything nice and safe, and protected from blowing sand and sea spray. 
You can roll up the front covers, for an unfettered view. There is both a velcroed rain cover, and zippered bug net.
The rain cover is great for wind and chilly temperatures. It really keeps children toasty warm when it is closed. 

I am a tire purist. And I really love that the Cocoon has air tires all the way around. That's how it glides over soft sand. 
 Allows me to push it where no other stroller dare go. And THAT is a blast!
   It is even easy enough for StrollerPrincess to drag through the soft sand, and up a hill. Look how cool all the reflectors are. Nice to know they work!
 Granted, 20" wheels are pretty big for the average car trunk. But you can easily detach them,and the front wheels.

 Even the handlebar comes off, for more compact storage. It, and the wheels, remove with the old fashioned "key" system. I wonder if this is what keeps the weight down?
 I am showing the Cocoon X2 in stroller mode here. But, you can easily attach it to bike, or switch the small swivels to a big jogger wheel. You would insert the optional hitch or wheel right in the front center:

  Inside, there is a little pouch on each side of the seat, for bottles, sippy cups, toys, etc. Of course there are two 5-point harnesses, which is especially important if you are using the Cocoon as a bike trailer or jogger. And the seat is very spacious. If you have a child who likes to hop in and out, you don't have to feel weird that you're pushing one child in a two-seater. 
As my friend said, "There's so much room to haul all our junk!"

 I tell ya', people love this thing! I had parents chasing me around both on the beach, and at the amusement park, to ask questions about it. 
One thing they commented on was how short it is, lengthwise. Which means you are less likely to crash into people, or objects. Only 33" (see measurements below.) 
  But they couldn't know that it also weighs even less than that! 32 pounds is quite light in the world of  A/T doubles.
    They did find out how easy to push, because they tried it out. Even with their own children in it! That's how much excitement this Cocoon inspires.
 I'm showing it in stroller mode here. But, you can easily attach it to bike, or switch the small swivels to a big jogger wheel. You would insert the optional hitch or wheel right in the front center:

But it wasn't just other parents who were enthralled by the Cocoon X2. SP 2.0 loves it, too!

I mean really, kissing a stroller? Yes, a true StrollerPrince.
So don your hats, blow your horns, give a cheer, and welcome 2011 into the Kingdom of Strollerland!
Weight: 32.5 lbs.
Seat Back: 23"
Seat to canopy: 23"
Seat Width: 23" (single  bench seat)
Seat Depth: 10"
Drop to footrest: 12"
Seat to ground:  12"
Length: 33"
Width:  30.5"
Height:  40"
Folded:  50"L x 23"W x 20"H
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  1. If you want something that blows the joovy right clean out of the water. Check this out. I've got the Cougar and love it to bits!

  2. I've had the joovy cocoon 2 for a couple of years. I got this to use as a bike trailer. I've used it 3 times and hated it more and more all 3 times. Finally I sold it for half price and got myself a used Chariot cougar 2, whcih is a much much better design in every aspect. I'll do a brief summary;

    Joovy Cocoon vs cougar

    Cocoon Pros
    -price is about $100 cheaper

    Cocoon Cons
    -seats are not reclined at all. When attached to the bike, it even dips forward a little. Hence, for a sleeping toddler, his head is slump down and flopping everywhere. This is my major complaint
    -unable to carry other attachments on the stroller