Monday, December 20, 2010

Zooper Waltz Review

Waltz with Santa
 Why would you need the Zooper Waltz' new water resistant canopy in Southern California? The answer lies below. And it's now  because of the torrential downpours we are having now. it's because Santa Claus was coming to town. And it was a nice, bright sunny day. The crowd was becoming impatient, so a firefighter decided to entertain them.
 With a very big hose. That shot water high into the sky. It was not something we expected.
But then I realized, this is a great opportunity to try out the new, improved Zooper Waltz!
So I let her stand alone out there, under the power of the fire hose.
 And she took it all in stride,
 little Trooper that she is!

There's a lot of reasons to love the new Waltz. Aside from the canopy's water resistant powers, it pulls all the way down, so your child is fully covered.  And when you add on the boot, you effectively have a little carriage.
There is a full net in the back, so you can get more airflow on hot days. And a huge pocket on the back of the canopy, that is divided in half. 
The seat has a legrest.
and a full recline,
which is done by a lever in the back, not a drawstring, yay!
There's a nice cupholder, placed down low. That means liquids can't splash on your stroller, or your child.
But THE best feature, in my opinion, is the front snack tray!
It is huge, and actually functional! So even if you are not a fan of feeding your child in the stroller, which I am not, it works great as a play tray, for SP 2.0's little cars. 
 Anything that will keep him happy while Christmas shopping is aces in my book!
The Waltz is fairly lightweight. Super easy to fold, and stands up when folded.
You can even roll it behind you, which turns out to be quite a useful feature. 
 And the maneuverability is very good. 
   I figured the Waltz would be an excellent mall stroller. But I was happy with it's performance outdoors, too.
That cute bag on the back is a Banana fish, btw.  (I know I will get asked.) Provides a festive touch! 
Amidst a fleet of Police cars, 
firetrucks, and classic cars,
Santa finally arrives!
 SP 2.0 was so excited to meet him, that he broke loose from the crowd and rushed towards him. 
"Hi Santa! Hi Santa!" "Wait your turn, little boy."
  So he had to go to the back of the line.

And he waited, 
 and waited.
 And waited.
  FINALLY! Would you be surprised to know that he asked for a firetruck? :)

Weight:                                 19 lbs. (w/footmuff and cupholder)                     
Seat Back:                            18.5"

Seat to canopy:                   23"

Seat Width:                           12"

Seat Depth:                            9-13"

Drop to footrest:                     9"

Seat to ground:                    18"

Length:                                  25.5"

Width:                                    21"

Height:                                   41"

Folded:                                   41
"L x 21"W x 15"H

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