Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inglesina Avio Review

Take Flight with the Avio

In Italian, "Avio"means "Aviation". So what better place for to take the Avio on her maiden run than the Airport?

The slogan is "Fly the City", which means the Avio can be used all over town, in all different situations. See how the canopy pulls all the way down past the napper bar.
Because it designed for maximum urban versatility, the Avio has a single bar handle, so you can "fly it" one-handed.
If you don't need to pull the canopy all the way down, the pop out visor still provides plenty of coverage.

The Avio is an original design from Inglesina--the first new model in a long time. As you might expect with an Italian-made product, it is understated in it's elegance and simplicity.
In a way, it is like the next generation Zippy. Smaller, lighter, narrower, and more compact.
But it is more. The Tomasi brothers and their team of designers set out to make the stroller as modern and refined as possible, by eliminating all visible signs of joints and hinges.
 And no gloppy welds here!

The seat full reclines, and is a generous size. And you can get a carrycot for it, as an optional accessory.

Love the leather-like accents! The navy blue and grey are so classy together.

 The ball bearings on the wheels allow the Avio to glide over wood chips and grass.It turned in a stellar performance on the Strollerqueen Obstacle Course. 

Check out the cool fold! The single bar handle is jointed, which allows it to fold umbrella style!

The fold is about the easiest out there, on par with Baby Jogger. And in case you forget how...
There's even a reminder on how to use the brakes, haha!

These wheels are so pretty, they deserve their one close-up! They're a nice hard rubber, which you don't see many of these days.
    And if God is in the details...look at the "A's" on the canopy window!

 And on the harness straps.
 Look at the fit and finish. Italian all the way.
  The sky was becoming foreboding...a storm was bearing down...
 But no need to beat a hasty retreat or stop the fun...just open the little magic bag that comes with the Avio, and pop out the raincover!
 The Avio is not only about form, but it is also about function. It is so easy to steer one-handed with a heavier child. It is a fun stroller to push. The suspension is perfect; and allows the wheels to bounce over cracks and ruts and grass. Almost as bouncy as this airplane toy!
The Avio basket holds plenty, like a purse, diaper bag, superman lunchbox...

And yes, there is a cup holder, which doesn't detract from the swooping angles...
The sky is getting darker..
But there are still airplanes to fly...
The Avio stands by, waiting for it's pilot...
 It won't be long now.
Uh oh! The pine tree grabs the glider!
And so we fly, away in our Avio. 

Here's a video of how Luca and Ivan Tomasi designed the Avio:

Weight:  20 lbs.            
Seat Back: 19"
Seat to canopy: 26"
Seat Width: 12"
Seat Depth: 9-12"
Drop to footrest: 9"
Seat to ground: 17.5"
Length: 27.5"
Width: 19.5"
Height: 40-41"
Folded: 40"L x 15"W x 15"H

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  1. How big are the wheels on this stroller? TIA!

  2. Love the new Avio! When will it be shipping?