Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teutonia T-Linx review

T-Linx and Legos and Library
  One of my goals for the summer is to walk (with a stroller of course!) everywhere. Or to as many places as possible. Another is to have the kids read more books. Guess I'm not alone in that.
It's been fun combining the two, with frequent strolls to the library.
And our first candidate for library stroller is--the new Teutonia T-Linx! 
It's a fun stroller to push. Nimble and narrow. Quite important on trash pick-up day.
Can we make it? It's gonna' be tight.
Sorry flowers! But, the 23" width squeaked us through!
And here we are! My, oh my, there are a LOT of books to choose from!
What to choose, what to choose....
Maybe I will get down and check it out.  
 But wait, books aren't the only thing in a library. There's Legos, whoo hoo! Lots and lots of Legos! 
 And it's a good thing my T-Linx has such a small footprint, because  it is crowded in here! 
The springy suspension on the wheels helps maneuver around blocks.
 There's a T-logo on the canopy, and a zippered pouch behind the seat.
 The seat has a deep recline, napper bar, and is quite comfortable for SP 2.0.
 The design is quite stylish, although the basket is kinda' small.
 But with so many fun things to do at the library, we will be back soon.

 So we'll only check out a few books at a time.

 There are some familiar Teutonia touches, like the net back on the canopy.
 But in other ways, this Rubbermaid Teut has been clearly designed for the American market. There are numbered levers and instructions drawn right on the chassis, to remind you how to do everything. 
Here is how you fold it:
 Easy as 1-2-3.

 But it will only fold in two pieces.
 And here is how you reverse the handle:
But, you now have the larger, fixed wheels in front. Which means you are steering in rear wheel drive.
I wish the library instructions were as clear. Because tonight it is closed. The T-Linx, with it's reflective piping, is a good choice for twilight walks.
At least, we have the return bin outside.
Now stretch....



Try again...

Well done! 

Weight:                            25 lbs. (16.5 lbs. Chassis, 8. 5 lbs, Seat)
Seat Back:                       21.5"

Seat to canopy:                22.5"

Seat Width:                      10"

Seat Depth:                      9"

Drop to footrest:             10"

Seat to ground:               19"

Length:                           27"

Width:                             23"

Height:                           39"

Folded:                           32"L x12 "W x 15"H, Chassis
                                       36" x 16" x 21", Seat

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  1. Did the company provide the stroller or did you buy it?
    Do you have a contact number for teutonia? I want to review there products but can't find a contact info? Thank you

  2. Hi Kathryn!
    I'm still in the craz-review state for baby products- but have been eyeing this stroller out for a couple weeks. The company is actually out of Germany- thats prob. why they dont have any phone #'s on their site. Their cousin company is "Newell Rubbermaid"- which- you got it, is the main company line for GRACO (hence the reason why the bottom infant seat is exact to the Graco Snugride) I'm not sure if this can help you out- but "Bed Bath & Beyond"'s Sister company is "Buy Buy Baby" they are a certified dealer for this company- they might be able to help you out a bit further! I hope I could help you out!! Happy
    stroller shopping!