Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aprica Cadence Stroller Review

 The Cadence of Soccer Fever
 Brazil vs. Ivory Coast, United States vs. Algeria, Mexico vs. Uruguay, GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL...and the blare of the vuvuzela  horns...All across the country, you can hear it, The cadence of Soccer fever! Of course the World Cup has helped soccer to gain popularity in the US. And those who aren't watching, are out playing. 

 Now I get asked a lot, what stroller (s) are suitable for soccer fields? A lot of parents are taking little ones out to watch their siblings play, and a comfy stroller is a must. Usually I recommend, and take myself, an air tire stroller. But what if you are a minimalist, and don't want a whole fleet? What if you rarely use strollers, except for week-end shopping, parks, and soccer? What if you have an older child who doesn't use a stroller on a regular basis, but can use a ride when tired?

I decided to see how the new Aprica Cadence would work on a soccer field. It wasn't totally crazy. This little buggy has a two-fingered push on smooth surfaces. And it has shocks on all four wheels. So it was reasonable to assume that it was at least doable. And it wasn't bad at all! 

The only thing is, that our particular field is Astro-Turf. Weird stuff, that is. ("No coffee on the field! Sir, bring that back!" the Coach hollered as he chased down the old man. "I'm 80 years old! How'm I gonna' stay awake for 3 hours!" the old man hollered back. The wife apologized as he shuffled away, uttering expletives deleted. ) But look how it clings to the wheels, ugh. 

The Aprica Cadence is the first umbrella stroller to hit the market that says it can hold 70, yes, a whopping 70 pounds! That is the weight of my 9 year old soccer player! (Who would sooner get Astro Turf under his finger nails than to have his friends see him riding!) But once you are an adult, who cares...
 Gotta' love the fact that the Cadence can double as a game chair, even if it displaces the toddler! 

 And speaking of a game chair, check out the fold:
 It's about the size of a Pack n Play, which has a certain symbiosis, since Graco has taken over Aprica. I like the fact that it stands alone, and you can roll it behind you.
  You can pull it by it's carry strap, or just sling it over your shoulder.The fold is quick and easy, too. You just push in the side buttons, then yank on the carry strap.

 I love the fabric of the Cadence. It reminds me of, well, a soccer jersey.  It's very breathable for hot days, or sweaty little soccer watchers, or players. And it has a "heat reflecting panel" to help keep babies cool out on the field.
  Comes with a rain cover, too, for when the weather changes. The seat sits up higher than most umbrella strollers, which means you can fit a few soccer balls in the basket.

The handles aren't adjustable, but they are pretty high, so suitable for a taller parent. But for a shorter one, like me, they were still comfortable.
I think the black frame is stunning, and the design quite striking.
One thing interesting about the design is how angled back the seat is. Makes for a roomy seat and easy pushing. But maybe not the best choice for a younger child who likes to sit up straight.

Also, there is no front napper bar, and the recline is minimal. There is an extended leg rest, though. And don't forget, it holds up to 70 pounds--and more!

Weight:                      14.5 pounds
Seat Back:                21"
Seat to canopy:       27"
Seat Width:               13"
Seat Depth:              10"-14"
Drop to footrest:      9"
Seat to ground:       19"
Length:                      28"
Width:                         21.5"
Height:                       41"
Folded:                      17"L x 14" W x 37" H

  I can help you find the perfect stroller for YOUR needs. Don't let a salesperson sell you a stroller that won't work for you! For more info on consultations, visit There are lots more reviews here, and info on how to get the 2010 BIG Stroller Roll-Out, an online video magazine of all the new stroller models.


  1. Maclaren for oversea traveling. My baby boy only 13 months old, 21 lbs, and LOVE to sit up not lie down, but once gets the zzz point, he still lies down anyway,
    can you help me find which one is good?
    can you email me:

  2. Hi! I need your help. I've seen review of aprica presto and cadence in your blog. I'm just choosing between these 2 stollers and can't clarify for myself which of tem i want the most. I need stoller for travel(by car, overseas and etc), so it should be pretty small and light. My boy is a rather boy (16 lbs in 4 months), so have to take it into considiration.
    P.S. I have no opportunity to touch it by myself (cause living out of US) and will book in e-shop.
    Thank you. Kate.

    1. which one did you eventually get? I am having the same problem... I cant seem to decide! please help...

  3. I have the same question as the reader above {Kate}. I am trying to decide between the two for my 13 month old. We have a Bugaboo which she loves but I am needing something less bulky. Having an under basket, weight, durability, style, and comfortability are all important to me. If you think a different brand would be better I am open to that as well. I just came across these two and really like the look.
    Thanks! -Marcelle {}

  4. Hi Kate.
    I have the same question. I am trying to decide between the two Aprica, Cadence or Presto for my 20 month old. We have a Baby Jogger City mini which he loves but I am needing something less bulky. Having an under basket, weight, durability, style, and comparability are all important to me. If you think a different brand would be better I am open to that as well. I just came across these two and really like the look.

  5. sorry it is right email