Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Jogger City Select stroller review

A diamond for Mother's Day

 Ever since CEO Dave Boardman acquired Baby Jogger, he's made it his mission to make life as fun and easy for parents as possible. Well that, and to sell as many strollers as possible, lol! But if you master the former, then you will accomplish the latter.  As proof, the City Select is back-ordered everywhere!

It's the latest addition to Baby Jogger's "fun and easy" line-up of strollers.  
 Fun, because you can use it as a single or double. And you can adjust the bassinet or seats in numerous different configurations. 
Both seats facing each other:

 Both seats facing you:

Both seats facing out:

One seat facing in, the other seat facing out. And so on.

It is also fun to have a tandem. Getting stuck in and aisle or doorway is no fun. Gliding through a crowded nursery without knocking over a potted plant is:
 Also no fun is having the sun glare directly in your eyes. With the BJ trademark huge canopies, no worries there!
As on other BJ models, the fold is easy. If you forget how to do it, just read.

 Popping off the seat to change directions is as simple as pushing this button:

 Same with the tires. You can pop them off for a more compact fold by pushing in this lever:
  The basket zippers open for easier access. And boy, is it big!

The peekaboo window on the top has a flap that closes with a magnet. This feature--magnetic instead of velcro or tie closure--is turning out to be surprisingly popular. 

And I don't think I have seen a harness this easy to adjust. Take a look:
And when it's time for a snooze, just pull the recline lever in the back:

My "Diamond" is stunning, and practical. A rare gem in the double stroller world. Can't think of anything I would rather have for Mother's Day. Hope that everyone in Strollerland was richly rewarded, because you're worth a million bucks. Happy Mother's Day! 

Weight as single:       28 pounds
Weight as double:     36 pounds (with brackets)
Seat Back:                  18.5"
Seat to canopy:          22.5"
Seat Width:                12.5"
Seat Depth:                 8"
Drop to footrest:        9"
Seat to ground:          18-25"
Length:                       36" wheel to wheel
Width:                        24.5"
Height:                       40"-43.5"

I can help you find the perfect stroller for YOUR needs. Don't let a salesperson sell you a stroller that won't work for you! For more info on consultations, visit There are lots more reviews here, and info on how to get the 2010 BIG Stroller Roll-Out, an online video magazine of all the new stroller models.


  1. love the review! I loved the whole idea of the baby jogger city select, my big guy is just TOO huge. so sad, because it is SO amazing!

  2. I have had my eye on this stroller and I've been dying to read your review before purchasing it. Can you tell me the age & size (ht/wt) of the gorgeous LO's in the pictures?

  3. Is the diamond colour difficult to keep clean?

  4. I would also love to know if the diamond is difficult to keep clean. Also, have you configured this stroller with two car seat capsules???

  5. I'm curious about cleaning the diamond as well. I really like the color, but am thinking black or red might be a better option for the long run.... ?

  6. Thank you! The boys are 2 and 2 and a half.

  7. The fabric is very easy to clean. Just use a washcloth and a little mild dish soap. However, any light fabric is going to show scuff marks a lot more than a dark colored fabric, and will therefore require more maintenance.

  8. i have been going back and forth between this and the b ready and cant make up my mind. I have 3 soon 4 ages will be 4, 3, 2 and newborn. Which did you prefer?

  9. I don’t recommend the City Select. It has serious control issues, particularly when you have the heavier child sitting in the front seat. This requires a considerable amount of strength, especially when the front wheels encounter a slope (the wheels will tend to pull down the slope). Additionally, the handle broke the first time we used this stroller, one side of the latching mechanism will no longer lock. The locks look under-designed to me. I am guessing the handle broke due to the amount of force we applied to control the stroller when we encountered a slope. I should have looked at the seats more closely, but they are quite small relative to other strollers so I wonder how long this will last our kids. You can see from the pictures posted above that your child's feet are already maxed out in the seat. Lastly, but most importantly, our 20 month old son had his legs pulled under the stroller when he was sitting in the front seat. The seat is far too close to the ground in my opinion when it is fully upright, and somehow he managed to get his legs dangling beyond the bottom of the seat and when we encounterd a small bump in the sidewalk his feet got caught and pulled under. He was fully strapped in with the 5-point harness. Since he was sitting in the front and relatively far away from us, we only noticed when he started screaming. Luckily he wasn’t hurt. Would note that Baby Jogger customer service was very quick to respond to our complaint regarding the handle and offered to ship us a new frame immediately, but ultimately, I decided to return the stroller due to a) the control issues, b) the small, cheap seats, and c) the fact that my kid’s legs nearly got broken.

  10. Hi there,
    your reviews are GREAT! so indepth I love them thank you..
    I tried my 22 month old in the City Select - I foudn the seat very shallow - not deep. She is a tall toddler - her feet and head didnt have much room in the toddler seat - feet touched the bottom.
    I'm having another baby soon - so I'll have a 27 month old and a newborn.
    I'm going between the City Mini Double - Baby Jogger Elite - BJ City Select and Mountain Buggy Duo.

    Deepest seat was the mountain buggy - she looked veyr comfortable in that lots of room for growing. but HUGE for the car and in shops.

    BJ Elite looked very compact in seat width?? lots of head and foot room but narrow in the seat width.

    Select is so short seat depth, height, feet etc.

    HELP!!! What do I buy? I want a stroller that will last another 2 years till my daughter is abotu 4 - I do lots of walking.

    I currently have a MB Elite and City Mini Single.


  11. I have a brand new one for sale with all of the accessories. email me to make an offer -

  12. My 3 year old is 37lb and 40 inches tall. He fits beautifully in the BJCM double. Steering is as easy as when my 6 month old twins are in it together because the wide handle makes it easier on your wrists and arms.

    I love the idea of the City Select for baby twins but knew it would be too small/difficult to steer for larger children. I'm only small so didn't want to make my life any more difficult than it already was.

    TBH, I never go anywhere like garden centres with all three little ones anyway. I stick to large shopping centres and retail parks where doorways and aisles are nice and wide.

  13. Love the information about the City Select! We are looking at getting one. Couldn't decide between it and the Uppa baby.

  14. Hi
    I bought the City Select in Australia. I initially loved it until the brake was faulty and had to return the frame for service just two months later.

    Customer service and knowledge of the problem was very poor locally. Also when I bought the pram from the retailer I was under the impression that you can attach a rain/sun shade cover to it as there is a zip on the canopy. But now that summer is here and I need it they tell me that this model hasn't got these accessories available yet!

    What the?? Mind you I paid a premium price for it.

    I wouldn't recommend it as highly as I did when I first bought it as it has been a headache and we only had it for 2 months!

  15. Michaela,
    I am in the same boat as you.... hubby and I are trying to decide between the City Select and the City Elite... I think i prefer the Elite as you can use this from new born to toddler without the hassle of buying additional bassinets or capsule adaptors (which are not cheap! Especially in Overpriced Australia!)
    The Elite drives so smoothly and manouvers brilliantly as well (even with my 1 year old nephew as my guinea pig in it no effort required!)
    Hubby prefers the Select, as he feels its more sturdy thanks to the 4 wheels... although it steers wonderfully for a 4 wheeler, when a 1 year old child is in it, the difference in steering weight is immediately noticable... the select is harder to steer... so cant even fathom how heavy it will feel with 2 toddlers in it! I have no arm strength so this is a sour point for me. Especially since I know I will be frequenting Shopping Centres alot.

    So who will win this battle, I am not too sure... Need to find more pros and cons about the Select... as its still newish there arent many reviews out there... whereas the Elite seems to receive wonderful reviews everywhere!
    Now how to convince hubby?!! LOL

    Good luck with your choice!

  16. Michaela what did u decide on? I am looking at the same prams as u but already have the City Elite single.

  17. What stroller do you recommend for twins 18 month old, each weighing over 25lbs? I am looking at the Baby Jogger city select--what other options should I consider?

  18. Just got a great deal on the city select for $329!

  19. This seems to be one of the better double strollers, though I also like 'Phil & Teds' 'Vibe' stroller.

    Hmmm, hard to decide.

  20. Hi, I just ordered the City Select for my 19month old and 1 month old. Can anyone tell me how well there 3 year old fits in this stroller. I want to make this the first and only double stroller I have to buy, but seemsit may be alittle small. PLEASE HELP!!!

  21. Hi, I just would like to ask if somebody use city select with 2 bassinets. I am asking because Baby Jogger office told me that it's impossible but in the same time there are a lot of shops which offer it with 2 bassinets. Thank you.

  22. I use the city select with my 3 year old (28 pounds, 37 inches) and newborn. There is still plenty of room for my 3 yr old to grow. She is also very comfortable when the seat is fully reclined and she has fallen asleep with no problem. She sits in the front right now with the newborn facing me and it is a little hard to push with her weight up front, but not too bad. It's so easy to fold and put together (I take apart the seat and the infant converter piece when I load into the car). Only takes a few seconds. I love this stroller!! Now I'm just trying to decide which cup holder/parent console to use with it. :(

  23. i'm looking for a single/double stroller. i have a three yr old and i'm expecting another one soon. i'm hoping the three yr old will not need the carriage much longer so i'm ruling out a standard double carriage/double jogger. what are the recommendations? i looked at the comparisons here:
    do you know how they compare to the phil and ted? my main concern with both the britax and phil and ted is that the second seat will bump into my legs while i'm pushing... is this really an issue? thank you!!

  24. hey shandel! i went through months of researching on the best stroller i could buy for my 3 year old and his little one on the way. After 3 months of watching videos and reviews (everyday for 3 months) we decided on the Britax b-ready stroller. I'm waiting on the delivery. They have a free ride event right now, so, it really is a bargain.
    No, the second seat doesn't hit or bump your legs...this was proven after a 6'5" husband tested it on youtube. It also has better reviews as per handling, comfort and folding. Good luck!

  25. who want's to sale his ?!?! I want to buy!!!

  26. Hi.
    I am also interested of buying the City Select Double!

  27. Hi guys I'm June.. I was so stuck on buying the city select, coz of it's looks, smooth ride and the fact that it has a lot of configurations .. But have seriously started second guessing, coz my daughter is 3 n baby 7 month.. I doubt if I Wud a prime candidate to use the city select , only coz my older one wud grow out of it in probably a year .. Any1 facing the same situation .. ?? If any1 is interested in buying I know this boutique which is selling it for 659 for a second seat and 90 $ worth accessories ..

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  29. Great review, cheers! I'm expecting my second child soon and my little boy will be 23months when they arrive. He loves to walk everywhere as it is, so I knew a side by side double would be a waste of time as it would end up being for just baby and shopping! The city select is quite a snug fitting seat for him already, however this is compared to our much loved Graco. The most common thing I have ready so far on the City Select is that is is pretty heavy when you have the toddler in the front and is best configured with the heavier child at the back. TBH my Graco was such a fantastically sturdy buggy, my off-roaded I call it, but it weighed a ton so I'm not too concerned with the weight issue of the BJCS. The huge basket underneath almost rivals that of my Graco, which is essential for me. I have been in shops man-handling this buggy and mine is on order at the moment, however my second little one won't arrive for another couple of months, so that will be when I get to do a real test of it! Good luck to everyone else trying to find the right solution for them... it is certainly not an easy decision.

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  31. It's easy to fold. Doesn't take much space when strolling the sidewalks. Sturdy frame with good brakes. I love it. And I have ever used Joovy Double Stroller X2 as well.