Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 UPPAbaby Vista with Rumble Seat Review

If you've been trying to get your hands on the 2010 UPPAbaby Vista with Rumble seat, you know it's sold out most everywhere. And it's not just because owners Bob and Lauren Monahan have the "Luck o' the Irish" on their side. It's because this is as near perfect of a double stroller as you can get.
 Which is a good thing, because St. Patrick's Day has always been as near perfect of a holiday for us as you can get. The only thing that would make it better would be if I had a baby born on that day. And I did. Last year, he modeled two strollers for this special day. This year, as he turns 2, it's one stroller with two seats. But if he didn't have his little friend Morgan with him, it could still be one stroller.
That is because, the Vista has the distinct advantage of being the rare breed that can go from single to double, and actually triple, if you get their "PiggyBACK" riding board. Maybe next year, when he turns 3, we can add another little friend to the mix--3 for 3, haha!

I last reviewed the Vista when it first came out. That was four years ago. So I can see how it has evolved since the beginning, and I find all these improvements and options to the 2010 rather extraordinary. I am going to get into them in more details, but here is a quick view of the new changes:
  • Four seat positions including the new “0” position which allows your child to sit more upright and creates additional space between the back of the toddler seat and the RumbleSeat.
  • Push-on, push-off easy to activate brake system
  • 1.5” taller seat height
  • Added seat cushioning
  • 5-spoke wheel assembly delivers a smoother ride
  •  Push-in aluminum-alloy hub-caps for easier wheel removal
  • Removable, washable bumper bar cover
  • Bumpers to protect the stroller handlebar in the standing folded position
  • Bassinet features an extended, ventilated, SPF 50+ drop-down sunshade – an industry first
All these improvements means it's more costly, but really, for once I think the price hike is worth it! I mean, how many strollers can be used for one, two, or three children? That makes it actually, a pretty good investment. Even though I currently have only one main stroller rider, my house is always full of children. And they always want to go somewhere. So it is nice to have the extra seat, or riding board, on hand.
 The 2010 Vista has corrected nearly every little "bugaboo" that bothered parents. Credit Bob and Lauren for their excellent listening skills, and responsive abilities. Super Powers, mon! Shouldn't be this rare, but it is. Let's start by taking a look at the Rumble seat.
Unlike other models with add-on seats, you can actually get this one off in under 10 minutes. Under 10 seconds, actually. Can't tell you how much that is appreciated, since I have spend more time than I can count standing by an open car with screwdrivers and butter knives and the kindness of strangers tugging and yanking on seats that won't budge, and hence won't fold.
Then there is the "feet in the basket" issue, which always bugged me about Brand X. There went all of my storage space. BUT, UPPA has had the foresight of including a clip on footrest, which means you can still stick stuff underneath, and little feet aren't dangling. (The basket is gigantic anyway, so you still have loads of room.) Like the seat itself, it is feather light, and a snap to attach.
And look at the size of this Rumble seat. It is huge! (Check out the measurements below.) It is bigger than most regular stroller seats! Which means you will have a lot of growing room for your older child. AND, ta da! It has it's own CANOPY! Yes indeed, no more sacrificing one child to sunburn! What a concept, whoo hoo! And look how much space there is between the two seats! Plenty of room for a view, if there are no balloons or hats, that is!
But how does it push with the second seat and second rider? Well, Morgan's mom was shocked. I think "Wow" came out of her mouth a few times. And she is the original Bugaboo Bee queen, so she knows good maneuverability when she sees it, or steers it. I have to say, it *is* pretty great. The foam tires aren't *quite* as A/T as air tires. But that also means less weight, and no flats. And they have suspension, so that helps. UPPA used to sell the fatter, more A/T tires separately; not sure if they still do.
The main seat can sit very upright, and it has a napper bar for your little one to hang on to. It also has the amazing sun canopy with pull down UV visor and zip-in bug net. Oh, and for you strollin' die-hards, it comes with a raincover. But one feature that makes this an awesomely comfortable stroller is the way you can adjust the footrest up. Check this out:
Doesn't that make YOU wish you had a seat like this? SP 2.0 was surrounded by little cub scouts bike-riding an obstacle course, and he snoozed while they cruised.

The harness is super easy to adjust, which I have also found to be a problem on other models. Love the recline, it's a lever on the top of the seat! To change the direction of the seat, forward or reverse, just push in the two side buttons. No more reading a 10-page manual to figure out how to do it, yippee! And notice how high up it sits? Wonderful!
There are so many other nice little touches that makes the Vista an excellent choice for nearly everyone: Tall? It has a "no-kick" floating rear axle. Short? There's a height adjustable handle. Green? The bassinet is fully lined with organic soybean fiber and cotton. 
 Low maintenance? The tires are foam, not air, so no worries about pumping or flats. Shopper? One of the biggest baskets EVER! Mechanically challenged? Everything on the Vista is user-friendly, from the fold to the recline to the brakes to the seat reversal. Fair skinned? Pop-out sun shades on the main seat, rumble seat, AND bassinet! 
Big kids? Check out my measurements below. Messy? Fabric is removable and machine washable. Tropics? Zip-in bug cover. Snow and rainy climate? Weather shade included. Limited storage space? Fold is compact, and can be done in one piece, if the seat is forward facing. It is smaller, however, if you pop the seat off. 
 Which of course is a breeze. Newborn? Bassinet included. 2 kids? Get the rumble seat. 3 kids? Get the PiggyBack.

So NOW you see why I am not exaggerating when I say the 2010 Uppa Baby Vista is practically perfect, and utterly deserving of my "5 Crown Royal Rating."

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller, Green Carlin

Weight:                     26 pounds

Seat Back:                21"

Seat to canopy:         23"

Seat Width:               12"

Seat Depth:               10"

Drop to footrest:        9"

Seat to ground:          24"

Length:                       31"

Width:                         25"

Height:                        40"-44"

Folded:                      33"L x 25"W x 19"H

 UPPAbaby Rumble Seat

Weight:                     4 pounds

Seat height:              20"

Seat width:                12"

Seat to canopy:         24"

Seat depth:                 8" 

Seat to ground:          14"

Bassinet:                    10 pounds

Chassis:                      19 pounds 

I can help you find the perfect stroller for YOUR needs. Don't let a salesperson sell you a stroller that won't work for you! For more info on consultations, visit There are lots more reviews here, and info on how to get the 2010 BIG Stroller Roll-Out, an online video magazine of all the new stroller models.


  1. This has been a hugely helpful review. I am going back and forth on deciding between a Phil and Ted sport and this new Uppa Baby. One question I have for you is whether you can use the rumble seat while having main seat reclined a bit. Just wondering how to manage two kids while the first one is still a wee baby. Did you try putting the rumble with a car seat and adaptor since clearly it wouldn't fit with bassinet?
    Thanks for your help!

  2. Thanks so much for your review ! I'm hooked and heading to to order ! thanks again !!!!

  3. This is a great review! I really appreciate all of the pictures. I am in love with this stroller but have one concern- air travel! I can't imagine how to check this at the gate. It would have to be checked folded which would mean removing the rumble seat. And how do you travel with the bassinet? Do you have any experience with the travel bag? I'm trying to find out whether the stroller will fit in it with the piggy back and rumble seat. I know it's a lot of questions but I just can't buy it if I can't travel with it. Thank you so much!

  4. What I need to know is if the stroller folds WITH the rumble seat attached. City living doesn't afford you the luxury to take off a second seat when hopping off/on a bus or taking the subway. I MUST have a stroller that folds with the second seat on. Know of any? I know the vibe-Phil/Ted does this- any comments on this stroller?

  5. RU - Try the Britax B-Dual Tandem

  6. Hello,
    I am tossing up between the Uppa Vista and City Select. Any advice???

  7. The City Select is larger and has 2 full-size seats, but the seats are hammock style (zero reinforcement for support) and look uncomfortable. I could never sit in a hammock for long without paying the consequences!!

  8. I also was between the uppa vista and cityselect and have narrowed it based on measurements - the vista has a seat depth of 10" and 9" footdrop (10" as per the company), while city select has 8" depth and a 9" drop--this means if your kids have long legs then, be prepared for bent knees and seat-back kicking! Also, the city select does not stand when folded. I have an avalon (big trunk) but had a hard time fitting it in due to the automatic lock (annoyed me) and overhang of wheels--try folding in a store and you'll know what I mean! (and that is beside the fact that the seats are noticeably less supportive as said above!) HOWEVER-if you have twins, or kids less than 18mo apart, I can see the benefit of the city select-i just can't justify the lack of support, convenient fold or foreseeable seat kicking due to lack of space!

    Someone asked above-no you can not fold vista with rumble seat but it weighs like 4 lbs and takes nothing to put on and take off. Also-yes, can fold with piggyback, it has a strap that attaches to lock it up in place and will not interfere with travel bag.

    (from-a super crazy stroller addict who could teach the sales girls a thing or two!)

  9. (Forgot to mention--city select has a hand break that you have to flip on/off on the side of the handlebar while vista has new foot break! I found the city select's break obnoxious and bound to wear over time!)

  10. I'd just like to toss in there that Uppa Baby's customer service is AWESOME! I've had a couple of things go wrong and after e-mailing a copy of my receipt and photos, replacements items were sent pronto. I have been more than impressed.

  11. Can the seats face each other?

  12. can both seats face forward?

  13. I have been researching this stroller and the city select by baby jogger. with the vista rumble seat- you cannot have it face forward. it has to face backwards. and you cannot use the bassinet with the rumble seat. the biggest pros so far i have found with the vista are 1)bigger seats than the city select 2)better bassinet than the baby jogger, with the baby jogger you must use the fabric from the main seat for the bassinet 3) extra sunshade.One main con is the rumble seat does not recline. with the city select the main pros are 1)both seats can face forward, 2)both can recline ....its really sort of a toss up for me, i can't decide which i like better.

  14. Do you like the Britax B-Ready or the Uppababy Vista? Both are very similiar. I have one problem with the Britax is that the main seat is not 0 degrees like the Uppababy BUT second seat on Britax can recline all the way back. If only one stroller had 0 degree and a second seat that fully reclines!

  15. For the person wondering about air travel, I have seen the Vista be gate checked and it did not seem to be a problem at all. It was one of the first times I had seen it out and about after finding it online and I couldn't stop staring at it. ha ha!

  16. I realize this is and old post but what about a child that is pushing the 35lb limit on the rumble?

  17. I just found this blog and have high hopes for it to continue. Keep up the great work, its hard to find good ones. I have added it to my favorites. Thank You baby jogger city select mini double.