Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mutsy 4 Rider and the Mansion, Partie Deux

Mutsy 4 Rider Joey Seat Fun Seat Review

I don't know what it is about the Mutsys and Beverly Hills mansion, but they just seem to go hand in hand. So when we was invited to an all day, and into the evening pool party, the 4 Rider with Joey seat AND Fun seat seemed like the best choice. Why? Aside from the fact that is strikingly beautiful, elegant, and well-made?

Well for one thing, the Fun Seat comes with a HUGE basket, and even HUGER optional beach bag. I could fit all of our clothes, towels, bags, bottles, toys, with no problem. As you can see, the seat on the Fun seat is a hard plastic. So if a baby in a wet swim suit is sitting there, who cares? DSC06971

There is also some sort of steering apparatus that turns back and forth, to help keep them occupied. The seat sits up high, and is very open. So no obstruction of a view. And the flat Euro canopy (not sold in the US) was perfect to keep the sun at bay. You can adjust it in so many ways. Oh, the seat has a nice 5-point harness, too, so no worries about falling.
Now, a lot of tall people complain that many stroller handles are too short for them. Check this out! Look at the Lion. I have the handle first in the shortest position. DSC06974

Then I just pull it out to the highest. Tall, tall, tall! This means it is also great for their optional riding board. DSC06975

I would say these big air tires are a little wasted in this environment. They are just crying out to plow through snow! But, the other main reason the 4-Rider was my choice today, was the ability to switch seats! How many strollers can you say THAT about? After the swim, I knew SP 2.0 would be wanting a nap. DSC06978

The Fun seat doesn't recline, so voila! Pop it off and switch it to the Joey seat! (There are other "regular" seats available, or a bassinette for a little baby.) This has a wonderful canopy, thick fabric napper bar, flat recline, and a looong leg rest. SO comfy for sleeping! DSC06981

And if baby wants a snack, you can even add the large "Dinner Tray."  DSC06983

Mutsy 4RIDER

Stats (chassis only):
Weight: 25 pounds
Width: 26”
Length: 29”
Height: 38”-45”
Seat from ground:
Fun Seat:
Weight: 11 pounds

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