Monday, June 22, 2009

Joovy Kooper Review

4th of July Joovy Kooper!

For years, we have done holiday strollers. And of course, the 4th of July is easy. Only requirement is that it is red, white and blue, and really fun to push! And there you have the Joovy Kooper (with a

Bee footmuff!) The Kooper has a good sized basket to store all of your fireworks, (haha just seeing if you are paying attention), and these wonderful cupholders that really work! Love the rear canopy pocket, too!
Inside of the stroller, there are two net pockets on the seat. This is a very unique feature. You can put a bottle here, a little snack, or your baby's favorite toy. And when he gets older, he can put them in himself.
The harness is very easy to do, and the reflective shoulder pads keep the straps from digging into your baby's neck. Aside from all these well thougt out details, this is stroller is as easy to push as it looks. The ergo foam handles fit your hands perfectly. And I was surprised at how effortless it was to push on grass.

We went up the hill, and down the hill, using only one hand.

The Joovy is very easy to fold. The fold is small, but long.

I have many more images, and measurements, in the post below. But for now, I would say to get out and celebrate, and have a bang-up Joovy 4th of July!
Joovy Kooper Umbrella Stroller

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  1. great review (although i saw it a few months late lol)!

    do you happen to know which footmuffs fit the kooper?