Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cybex is coming to America!

I was at their product launch today. And guess who their new distributor
is....drumrolll....Regal Lager! They were looking for a full line since they
parted ways with Phil and Ted's. Cybex has front carriers, and the most AMAZING
car seats! They are rated number one for safety in Europe. And of course, Cybex
has strollers...four different ones. The first one is similar to the Mac
Triumph, then they go up in features. With deeper reclines, bigger canopies,
bigger wheels, and front napper bars. The wheels have some wicked suspension.

There is a really nice, feather light (seriously, not hyperbole, the lightest I have ever picked up) carrycot that goes with the top of the line model. But unfortunately, the carrycot has to go
in the seat completely reclined. And flat reclines can't be sold in the US
unless they have those god-awful head curb things. They also have this really
cool line of cloth diapers and covers, and other baby care products. I took a
lot of pictures, and I will post them with more details in the upcoming days.
But, the car seats just blow everything else out of the water that's out there.
Except, they only have the infant seat, and a high back booster. So I'll still be
using the Maxi Cosi whe I switch over to a convertible, which will be soon. I
wish those infant seats were available right now! The booster seat has the best
side impact protection on the market. Really plush and nice. They have two layers of thick side impact support. One folds under when the child wants to nap, so it reclines the seat a bit, and pushes the "wings" out. The wings, though, are more like the thick sides of a padded armchair.

Oh, and the harnesses on the strollers are the same as the car seat! So you just push this
button to make the straps looser or tighter! Now why someone else hasn't thought
of that one sooner...I also like the fit and finish on all of the products. I
didn't notice any gloppy welds or fraying fabric or crooked seams. You can see that a lot of thought went into the design; where they place the rivets, the shape of the frame, the quality of the fabrics...I think if they catch on with the celeb crowd, they could be a big hit in that genre. Otherwise, they are similar to Macs in a lot of ways, although the canopies are fuller, and the reclines are deeper. And I do think the way the harness adjusts is really nifty! Oh, and the recline is somewhat easier than Macs, too. It has one lever in the back, and it is very smooth.. The sale dates of the products will be staggered, starting with the
strollers in August.

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  1. The Cybex seats are interesting. But from what I hear they are nothing compared to the new clek booster coming out soon.

  2. I am in love with the Onyx. Any chance of a review? It is a great stroller!