Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peg Perego 2009 Si' Review 2009

Easter Si’

Every time Easter rolls around, I look forward to choosing a stroller. Since I am usually travelling to visit family, it has to be a lightweight. One year there was the aqua Maclaren Daytripper. Another year it was the lavender Inglesina Espresso. But this year, instead of going with a pastel, I chose the Easter-eggish “Corallo Stripes” Peg Perego Si’.


And you’ll say YES! when you “see” it, too! If you are a Peg fan, you will adore it. 


To start with, it has an incredible canopy; remarkable for a lightweight umbrella stroller. 


It pulls all the way down, and there is a dark mesh visor in the front.   

There is also a mesh peekaboo window, 


with a covered flap,


and a little pocket on the back.

The recline is very deep, although not all the way flat. I would be comfortable using it at about 3 months and up.

There is a long, extended leg rest which makes it very comfortable for a younger child. No “dangling legs” here!

The fold is very easy, just two steps. Pull up the lever, yank on the handle. 

And in case you forget, Peg was thoughtful enough to mark them for you–1 and 2, lol!

Good thing the fold is fast, too. We had five! different Easter Egg hunts to go to this year. In fact, they held the last one for us until 6:00, heehee!

The basket is very big, for an umbrella stroller. You can see how much stuff you can carry in there. 
The handles are height adjustable. And there is a side carrying handle.

It comes with a cup holder and rain cover, and stands alone when folded. Ideal for all your summer travel adventures!


But I saved the best for last. Notice something different/unusual/special about the Si’? Despite what we have discussed, I mean? Take another look:
  Give up?

It’s the WHEELS! And they are MAGNIFICO!
  They are made of some kind of a wonderful hard rubber, with suspension and ball bearings.

That is why, even though they are only 6.5″, they can easily glide over all moderate outdoor surfaces, like cracked sidewalks and grass. 

We agree that the Si’ gets a Royal Rating of 5 Crowns!


Peg-Perego Si Stroller
Weight: 16.5 pds.
Length: 29
Width: 17″ front, 20″ back
Seat back: 19.5″
Seat width: 13"
Seat depth: 9″-15″
Seat to canopy: 25″
Drop to footrest: 10″
Handle height: 35″-43″
Seat to floor: 19″
 Folded: 11″ x 40″ x 12″

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  1. I've just read your whole blog and love it. How many strollers do you actually have? Does your husband think your crazy? :) (mine thinks i am)