Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Micralite Toro Review

Santa Baby Toro

"Over the mountains and through the traffic to Godmother's house we go...the car knows the route, it carries the loot, no room for a stroller, uh oh!"

We have a wonderful time at my Godmother's Christmas Eve dinner. Lots of people, lots of decorations, lots of food, and lots and lots of presents. Santa Claus even shows up with a big bag, and distributes more toys to all the tiny tots with their eyes all a glow. So both coming and going, the car is packed to the gills. It's a typical travel dilemna, but compounded by wintery conditions. You need a really small folding stroller, yet one that is cozy enough, and rugged enough, to handle the snow. Micralite Toro to the rescue!  http://www.scichild.com/brand_micralite_stroller.cfm

The Toro stands alone when folded. It has three reclines, from fully flat to upright. The fold is fast and easy, and it comes with a matching boot. And how about this brilliant emerald green, perfect for Christmas!

The one-handed steering on the Toro is amazing. The visor is great for the sun. I wish the basket was a little bigger, though. And keep in mind that although the width on the back is very narrow, the front wheels are quite widely spaced. (See measurements below.) So you might have trouble negotiating it in narrow aisles.

But I was so glad to have it on our Christmas trip, especially for the way it handled the great outdoors.  We hadn't planned on encountering any snow, but an impromptu trip to the lake yielded this:

I'm pleased to say, the Toro handled it like a champ, and SP 2.0 enjoyed watching the kid's making snowballs and sledding.

Micralite Toro: Weight:  20 pds.
Width, front: 24"
Width: back:  15"
Length: 28"
Handle Height: 40" (although you can flip it around to make it taller)
Seat Back:  18.5"
Seat to Canopy:  22"
Seat Depth: 8.5"
Seat Width: 12"
Drop to Footrest: 7" or 13"
Ground to Seat:  20" upright, 22" reclined flat
Folded:  15.5 x 16 x 40


  1. Love it!!!! The green is beautiful as is the baby in it!

  2. Love the review!! What a gorgeous stroller (and baby too!!!)