Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maclaren Quest Review, Shanghai Tang

Quest for Justice

The Shanhai Tang Quest is perfect for celebrating. Look at these festive colors! This is a beautiful pattern, very colorful, and very original.

At 13 pounds, with a decent recline and tiny fold, it is a great choice for quick trips or travel. The back pocket comes in handy, too.

And did I mention it comes with a matching boot? It was a good choice for our New Year's fun. http://www.maclarenbaby.com/us/content/view/434/88889568/lang,en/

Now, I grew up with a lot of Armenian friends. When I was at their house, at some point (usually after a few shots of Raki), their grandmother would want to read our fortunes. She would brew these little glasses of dark liquid with a mound of mud on the bottom (love it now, didn't then), have us drink them, and turn them upside down on our plates. The first thing she would say to me is "I see a camel."

What the...I'm a teen-ager in California, what do I want with a camel? It has since been explained to me that a camel means travel, or good luck, or good fortune. I guess if I was living in a desert, I would be fortunate if I had a camel to ride on outta' there!
So for the New Year, my friend's mother offered to read our fortune. I said yes, but mostly because I like the coffee now. I drank it, and tipped it. All the while SP 2.0 is snug and cozy in his Quest. Now I am prepared to hear "I see a camel." And sure enough, she says, "I see...

HANDCUFFS!" Huh? She looked again. "Yes, handcuffs. Look, you can see it right here." I squint, and see some sqiuggles in the grinds. Then she says she sees a rat. And it is following me around. Nibbling at my heels. OK, got it. It's still that motorcycle cop from the Baby Jogger story. He's been following me around the neighborhood, up and down the street. When I see him on my heels, I pull over, smile, and wave at him. He drives by verrrryyyy sloooowwwwly, staring over at me all the way. Hopefully the next time I see him is in court. And the date is set, for Friday the 13th! Wish me luck. Happy New Year!

Maclaren Shanghai Tang Quest:
Weight:  13 pds.
Width:  17.5"
Length: 24"
Handle Height: 41"
Seat Back:  19"
Seat to Canopy:  27"
Seat Depth: 9"-14" (footrest extended)
Seat Width: 12.5"
Drop to Footrest: 8"
Ground to Seat:  13"
Folded:  11 x 11 x 41


  1. Hey stroller queen -- I already have a city mini, but am thinking about getting an umbrella stroller too. Would you recommend the quest or another maclaren? Any other good options out there. (p.s. have tall husband)

    (check out my reviews at www.babythingsiwant.com)