Friday, January 10, 2014

UK Made Maclaren Plaids--Marie Claire Vogue 2000, Honeybee Vogue 2001, Citrus Concorde Duo, Bug

Plaids always makes me think of Maclarens.  The perennial umbrella fave, who doesn't have a Mac or two stashed in the back of their closet? Or in my case, maybe 40! Not all at once, of course. But their relative light weight, quick fold, and one-handed steering has made them the brand I have had the most of over the years. Why so many? Well, who can resist cute patterns like these:
These three are all older models, all made in the UK.

They are the Vogue 2001 in Honeybee Black, Vogue 2000 in Marie Claire, and the Bug, (98', I think?) Their counterparts of today would be, roughly, the Ryder, Quest, and Triumph. Another reason I have/had so many Macs, is that I switch them out according to the season. The Bug for the summer, for example, Marie Claire for fall, and Honeybee Black for winter.

Next up is the Concorde Duo in Citrus, also UK made in '99, I believe. And the 2006 Techno XLR, which is definitely extra large. I can even sit comfortably in it! Although, if you compare it next to the Vogue, it doesn't look quite so huge.

A great thing about Macs is the amount of headroom they provide for an older child. You can see this clearly in these pictures. They all measure 27" from the bottom of the seat to the bottom mid-point of the canopy. I think that is the tallest I have measured.

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