Friday, January 10, 2014

Flashback Friday, Dreamer Design Rebound, Kool Stride Senior, Baby Jogger Performace Series

(***To give you an idea of how long ago I wrote this post, we are now up to 373 strollers! And two of these three no longer are sold. )

SQ Obstacle Course--the ORIGINAL and FIRST!

Whenever we acquire a new stroller, and we are up to 233 at this point, we take it for a "test spin" on the SQ OC. What we do is to try and mimic real-life situations that Stroller-Drivers find themselves in. So we traverse big cracked sidewalks, dirt paths, grass, gravel, wood chips, puddles, curbs, etc. Then we take it into a crowded school, noting how many children we can avoid crashing into. We try several one-handed maneuvers, including going through doorways,  to see if our wrists feel like snapping off. We also pretend as if we are holding a Latte' in one-hand, (but it is usually a diet Dr. Pepper), to see how much, if at all, it spills. Finally, we pay special attention to how much the Strollerprince is bumping around through all this, and whether he is enjoying the ride. In the past, we have had several umbrella strollers compete against each other, several toddler seat add-ons, etc. So without further ado...

HIT THE BEACH! With a 20" fixed wheel jogger, or course! Here are 3 of the most popular ones:They are: the Dreamer Design Rebound w/20" rear wheels and 16" front, the Kool Stride Senior w/ 20" rear and 16" front, and the Baby Jogger Performance Series w/ 20" wheels. I live at the beach, and the end of the boardwalk is littered with small wheeled Pegs and Gracos. Plastic swivels just can't cut it on soft sand. You need the big guns. The important thing to think about when choosing a jogger for the beach is an aluminum frame, to prevent rust, and sealed wheel bearings, to keep out the sand. Generally, big-wheeled joggers have large seats, and can effortlessly carry older, heavier children. They all fold very differently, though. And you'll probably have to pop off the rear tires for a better fit in the car.The  Kool Stride has the largest seat, but the smallest fold, since it "accordions" into itself. It also has cambered wheels for better traction.  Baby Jogger has  20" wheels all around, a one piece frame, and folds long flat.


The Dreamer is the biggest and heaviest of the three. It does have the very cool option of adding small front swivel wheels. There is nothing quite so lovely as strolling along the edge of the tide with your child. So take the plunge! They are only little once...

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