Friday, January 10, 2014

Flashback Friday, Silver Cross S4 and POP

Silver Cross
The return of Silver Cross to the US heralds an entirely new line-up, well, almost. There is the Sleep-over, which is basically your classic pram; the Linear Freeway, a smaller, swivel-wheeled pram; the 3-D,  an umbrella fold pram, the Micro V2, similar to the Micro that was here before; the Pop, a forward-facing umbrella fold, and the S-4,  Silver Cross' answer to a jogger. I am showing it here with the pistachio footmuff, which is hands down THE cosiest cosey toes I have ever seen!
Not only that, but it comes with an additional "apron", shown  here in black, and a raincover. Stand-out features include the canopy that pulls down to the napper bar, shocks on the wheels, (which are NOT air, so no flats and no pumping), and incredible steering, a serious two-fingered push. It glides over big cracks and bumps, and performs as well as any tir tires.                          The recline is completely flat, and makes a very plush, warm bed for baby. A fleece-lined headhugger and strap covers come with. You can unzip the top of the footmuff, and just use the bottom, fleecy part as a liner. The recline is kind of different, you push in a silver button on the side to lie it flat, and pull up on a side strap on the right to sit it up straight.There is a handbrake on the handle, which extends upward by pushing in the center button,  and a peek-a-boo window in the canopy. This is definitely a full-featured buggy, weighing in at 29 pounds.It folds by pushing up two side levers, pushing the handle forward, and tucking the wheels underneath.Other measurements are as follows:   Seat to canopy--21.5", seatback--17.5", seat depth--9", drop to footrest--8", seat width--14.5", overall width--24", overall length--32".
This is Silver Cross' lightweight umbrella, for "popping in" and "popping out." It comes with a raincover, and I am showing it with an optional black footmuff, just  because I LOVE these footmuffs so much! Here it is without the footmuff, and with the legrest extended.  It has reflective piping, white stitching, and a back canopy pocket. It reclines fairly deeply with a backstrap, weighs 14.5  pounds, and is very stable--not tippy.

More measurements: Seat to canopy--25", seatback--18.5", seat depth--9" without the footest extended, 16" with the footrest extended; drop to footrest--9.5", seat width--13"; overall width--19.5", overall length--24".
It folds umbrella style, by kicking up the back side lever, then stepping down in the center. Then it self locks, with latches on both sides.

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