Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guzzie + Guss Connect, Sparrow, Lynx

Behind the Bar

I really had a laugh at the location of Guzzie + Guss. They were right behind the bar. I mean a real bar, that served cocktails and everything.

Their location proved to be fortuitous, however, as a smiling Karl Fagot said they wrote many orders.
Or perhaps, it was the "Connect" system that people were after. I know that this one stopped me dead in my tracks.
 But then, I've always been a sucker for this gorgeous aqua color.
 Karl said people were loving the stripes.
 This is also the "Connect". Wow.
 This is how it looks inside.

These are also part of the "Connect" system. Because it's all the same egg-shaped, hard-shelled seat. And then it "connects" into a high chair frame, bouncy seat frame, or stroller frame. Capisce?

The thing I always wonder about when I see the same seat used for eating, playing, and strolling is, how the heck do you keep it clean? How often are you washing the seat cover? And what do you do with the seat if you need to go for a stroll, and the cover is in the wash?
Karl said highchair liners are coming out, that will protect the seat fabric from food spills.
 Readers of the "2013 BIG Stroller Roll-Out will recall how huge the new line-up is for Guzzie + Guss. What, 10, 12? Too many to count, anyway. So at the PLUSH show, they only brought three. Whew! Much more manageable. And the good news is that they are getting names now, instead of just numbers.
 This is the Sparrow. It's an umbrella stroller that takes a car seat.
 And a riding board and cupholder too!
 The new "Lynx" is a revamped "Denman". It is lightweight, with a reversible seat, and one-hand fold.

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