Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stroller Cleaning, Car Seat Washing, Breast Pumping

Skirting the periphery of PLUSH,
    I meet Jennifer Beall, owner of "Cleanbeebaby." And I discovered, much to my delight, a crew as busy as bees cleaning strollers! Now anyone who has been following me over the years knows that one of my biggest pet peeves is dirty strollers, ugh. So no wonder Jen is my new BFF.

I have seen impeccably dressed women stepping out of luxury cars and unloading strollers that I wouldn't touch without rubber gloves. Strollers with crumbs, and milk splotches, and ick icky yukky undefinable stains.. 
And then they place their designer dressed little angels in the seat , GAH! And car seats that are even worse!
 But never fear, all you outsourcers. Here is CleanBeeBaby to the Rescue!

Now you see why Jen and CleanBeeBaby gets my Royal stamp of approval!

As I continue strolling along, I see my dear old friends, "The Pump Station". And yep, there's those cupcakes again.
In case you haven't heard of them, they are the preeminent breast feeding/education/newborn/maternity store in Southern California. Heck, maybe the entire world! 
Owners Corky and Wendy were my lactation consultants when I had my first baby 15 years ago, then my second 12 years ago, then my third five years ago. They are unbelievably smart, kind, patient, and knowledgeable.  I owe them a huge debt of gratitude, and I highly recommend them.

The Pump Station was tucked in the back. Across from them is another ballroom, that is separate from the main hall. Here we found Mia Bossi.

All the latest fashions.
You can see why they're so popular.
 Cute girl with cute bags!
 Here's how they look inside.
 Then we spied 4Moms, famous for their Origami stroller.
 It's the one that folds itself, ya' know?
And soon it will have it's own bassinette.
 They also make an infant tub.
And playyard.
These Mama Roos get cuter and cuter.
 And then we saw...this. Stay tuned.

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  1. how fun! I love the mamaroo- I swear by that thing!

  2. Genius! Stroller washing! Why didn't I think of that!!