Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maclaren BMW, Bugaboo Andy Warhol, Orbit Baby Double Helix

Inside the Main Hall

 I was quite curious to see Maclaren. They haven't made an appearance at any trade shows for several years.

They were showing off their new BMW buggy.

Narine Abramyan has the details.

  And of course, there's a whole line of accessories to go with.
Parent pack, umbrella,
Pannier bag,

And a BMW logo picnic blanket!

A couple of of other high-enders were also here, that we haven't seen in a while.
 Here's Bugaboo.

 With an adorable Andy Warhol parasol.
 And loads of balloons. Mighty fun popping them all at the end.
 And Orbit Baby.

 They were showing the double Helix, fully loaded.

Wow, she's a big 'un!
 Nothing new, though.
 Coming up, more friends who've been MIA. Please "Like" if you do!

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  1. The balloon castle was for the Ju-Ju-Be guys/gals! You should've stopped over there too, just for good measure; they're a fun bunch! And I am pretty sure they did have a blast popping those balloons at the end. ;)

  2. I did stop by!And they were great. Keep watching...

  3. That double helix stroller is ginormous! I can't imagine fitting that into a car. I like the yellow bugaboo stroller.

  4. I totally am agreeing with Rock Paper Stitch. I would need to get a new car for that double helix. Awesome ride though. I bet kids are really comfy!