Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan, Phil and Ted's Smart Buggy

 Exclusive first look at the "Jade" Urban Jungle!

As the "2013 MINI Stroller Roll-Out continues, we'll take an indepth look at the Mountain Buggy Cosmoplitan, Phil and Ted's Smart Buggy, and the Poppy highchair.


Since Phil and Ted's bought out Mountain Buggy, their booths were kind of combined this year. As time goes on, we're seeing more and more of a cross-over between these two brands. You'll see what I mean in a sec.

This is the latest incarnation of the "Smart" Buggy. It is now customizable, so you can choose one color of seat, another canopy, and then another liner.

The seat faces forward or reverses, and you can add a carrycot or {{cough cough}} a car seat (which I don't recommend, which is why I am choking on my words.)
 Now within this mixiture, can you sort out which is the P & T's, and which is the MB?
No? Take a closer look, at the new MB Cosmopolitan!

 Guys, what do you think? Love it, hate it, neutral?

High chairs are becoming ubiquitous in all of the brands I've been seeing. Well most, anyway. This is P & T's latest, the "Poppy".
 It's claim to fame is a removable tray (which most chairs have now), so your child can sit right at the table and eat. Or keep the tray on if you have a "swatter" (like two out of three of mine were.)
 The other interesting feature is that the legs adjust up or down, so it can become a child's chair, when they've outgrown the highchair phase. I think that's pretty useful, actually, to extend it's life like that.

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