Monday, May 20, 2013

It's a Desert

Lest we forget, Vegas is still a desert. Once you get off the Strip, that is.
   See? This is the sad view from my hotel room, at the 2013 MINI Stroller Roll-out! Lots of scrub brush; not much else.

Which perhaps made participants all the more determined to "party hearty!"

 First at the pool. Here's Shalom New of Valco, and Bengt Lager of Regal-Lager.
 Both of whom you will see again.
 Now they are joined by Dave Milligan of Regal-Lager. You'll be hearing more from him shortly, too.
   But this was only the first night. By the second night, they were dancing on the tables.
Well not the aforementioned. Just some random baby gear head yahoos.
 At a hotel convention disco. Work it baby!

Don't worry. There is still more to come. A lot more.

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