Friday, September 6, 2013

Flashback Friday--Inglesina Swift, Trip, Zippy, Urbe, Espresso

Inglesina Love-- Swift, Trip, Zippy, Urbe, Espresso

You know that little black dress that sits in the back of your closet? The one you grab when you don't know what else to wear? May not be the trendiest, but it is oh so classic, and fits so well. Well, that's Inglesina for ya'. Always right, always elegant, always in style.

But which one is the right fit for you? Here's some tips: If you have an infant, choose the Zippy with the bassinette. It's a really cush ride, with a fully reclining seat, and a canopy that pulls all the way down to the napper bar. For 2006, they've added a child snack tray, and footsteps for big bro or sis to catch a ride. If your child is older, then choose the Trip, Swift, or Urbe.  The Swift is the lightest weight, so it is best for quick in and out car trips. The Trip reclines more, so it is better for nappers. Since the wheels are bigger, it does better outdoors, too. But the trade-off  is that it's a couple of pounds heavier. The newest and coolest in the line-up is the Urbe: The brushed aluminum frame gives it a very "techy" look. I must confess an irrational weakness for mudguards, too! It is larger still than the Trip, with more of a recline, and a very long footrest. If you prefer a single bar handle, with a large basket, then consider the Espresso:This is my Easter stroller. I love the combination of lavender and sage. The one-handed maneuverability is really good. This is the only model that has a height adjustable handle, so you can vary it for short or tall people. It has a decent recline, and for 2006, has a full canopy that extends to the napper bar.This is the only model that has the book fold, the rest are umbrella folds. 
Here's a chart for comparison:
                                                 Zippy    Swift    Trip      Urbe     Espresso
Weight                                       21.5     13        15        19.5        16
Seat Back                                  19        19        19        20.5       17.5
Bottom of seat to canopy         22        24.5      21         25          22
Seat Width                                  11        13         13        14          12
Seat Depth                                  15.5      11         13.5     16          9.5
Drop to footrest                          10        8.5         8         9           10
Overall Length                             28        24.5      25       26          25
Overall width                                20        18        19       19         18.5
Height                                            41.5      43        43.5     43         34-40

If you need help finding the best stroller for you, click on "Consultations" up top. And to see all of the 2013 stroller models, go to StrollerQueen.Net

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