Friday, May 10, 2013

CarSeat Safety 101, by StrollerQueen, Part 2

How often should you check to see if your harness is at the right height?

Do you need any help installing your car seat? How about adjusting the harness? Do you know when to switch from rear to forward facing, or harnessed to booster? How do you choose the best car seat for your child, and your vehicle?

Since StrollerPrince 2.0 has outgrown his car seat, I had a lot of questions.  So we turned to superstar Wes Bender for answers. In this 6-part series, we'll guide you through the maze of confusing information, so your child will be safe in their seat. In part 2, we learn how to position the harness for a growing child, and how often you should check it.

Britax Frontier 85 SICT 

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  1. We have the Frontier 85 as just reminded me to check the harness height when I put them in the car today! Thank you!