Sunday, July 11, 2010

Peg Perego Vela Review

I've never been a big fan of feeding my children in strollers. I don't like to mess up the fabrics. The exception I will make is at a carnival, or festival. That is when  snack tray comes in handy. Hence, I always keep a "snack tray" stroller in my line-up. 
 I also like them to have huge canopies.
  And big baskets, to stuff with Jonas Brothers pinatas, or goodies won in cake walks.
And I am pleased to introduce you to my latest festival stroller, the Peg Perego Vela.

Wow, the steering on this is great! So easy! This would be one to get if you need to always hold the hand of another child, because you can easily push it one-handed, or two-fingered! 
 Despite the nice big canopy and 3-wheels, though, the Vela, like it's predecessor the Aria, is better suited to indoors, than to out.
 But there is plenty to do at an indoor artand music festival.
  And snack trays can be used for things besides food.
The Vela has a good recline for napping, and an easy, quick fold. It stands up folded, too. You can see pictures of it in my post comparing it to the Aria.

Weight:                        15.5 pounds
Seat Back:                   18.5"
Seat to canopy:         24"
Seat Width:                13.5"
Seat Depth:                 10"
Drop to footrest:       9.5"
Seat to ground:          15"
Length:                         30"
Width:                          23"
Height:                         39.5"
Folded:                         39.5."L x 23" W x13" H

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  1. Me and wifey are stuck between the vela, aria oh and the si. We definitely like the brand and need something lightweight, stable, carseat compatible and compact when folded. any suggestions?

  2. This thing is listed as 9lbs, where did you get 15?

  3. I weigh and measure all of the strollers I review myself. Sometimes the manufacturer's specs are off.

  4. What do you mean that it's better suited indoors vs out?

  5. apparently the 9.9 lbs is just the frame... so with the extras added on, canopy and all that, it comes out to 15.. so that's pretty accurate what she said.

  6. does it have shocks like the rest of the Peg strollers?

  7. I already have a bugaboo chameleon. My husband and I love it, but it isnt really practical when we go on subways/bus or trying to get past airport security. The fact that it is modular works, makes for a lot of dismantling in these places. Anyways, we are looking for a lightweight single hand stroller that is easy to fold and handle. We recently heard of the Vela and are considering it as our "umbrella" stroller. My son is one year old and weights 27 pounds. What would be your suggestion

  8. I have a question.
    Is the footrest adjustable like Aria?
    (Aria's footrest can be 2 position.)

  9. Is it safe and workable for a newwborn?
    Thanks a lot for the feedback!