Sunday, July 11, 2010

Peg Perego Aria and Vela Comparison

Before there was the Pliko Lite or Si', the Aria was Peg Perego's lightweight answer. It's performed well for many years, but has now had a face-lift, the Vela.
In this front-facing picture, you can see how similar they both look. Roomy seats, snack trays, pretty fabrics.
You can start to see some differences in the back, with the larger wheels of the Vela, and wider wheel base. The brakes are different. It's linked on the Aria, but there are two separate ones on the Vela. The canopy on the Vela, while excellent, is a little shorter than on the Aria. They both still have the same handlebars (without my embellishments), drawstring recline, freedom of movement harness, and big baskets.
Turn them sideways, however, and the difference becomes apparent. See how much farther the front wheels stick out now, with the new design.
Turning the Aria into a 3-wheeler makes for incredible maneuverability. Literally a two-fingered push. And the change from the center button on the Aria handle to the folding bar on the Vela means it's easier to push one-handed. But the trade-off is the longer front, wider base, and an extra two pounds.
Which means the fold is now bigger, too. Longer, and wider. The Vela is also more back tippy than the Aria. Generally, a 4-wheeler is going to be more stable than a 3-wheeler. It's inherent in the design.
Which do I prefer? Well, I'm hopeless. I really like both. As always, it depends on what your individual needs and preferences are. If you want a stroller with the lightest weight, hugest canopy, snack tray, very stable, and compact fold stroller on the market, choose the Aria. If you want all this, but don't mind going slightly bigger, wider, heavier and tippier in exchange for two-fingered steering, choose the Vela.

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  1. I have a ? I just got a vela stroller and the foot rest moves up and down ALOT even under the stroller it gets stuck , is it suppose to or is mine broken?

  2. Did you put the screw and nut thingie in there correctly? If not, it will do that.

  3. It sounds to me that all you should do is change the wheels on the Aria....Is that possible??



  4. Why do you not recommend the Vela for outdoor use - I'm not looking to go on trails, but just for walks on the sidewalk, etc. Is it sufficient for that type of use?


  5. I would also like to know if the Vela does ok on mixed terain.