Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday! TRAXX Dolphin Stroller by Hauck

TRAXX Dolphin Stroller by Hauck

It's been hard to find a really edgy looking jogging stroller, until now.
This is by the same German company which makes the i'coo Pico 4, and the Rock Star Baby. As you can see, they are nothing if not innovative. From the whip stitch to the cambered wheels to the adjustable handlebars, this has a lot of winning features.
The handlebar adjusts up and down, and tucks in for more compact folding. I like the fact that I can hang my beach bag over the two handles, as opposed to traditional single handle jogging strollers. The flat basket is great for laying down folded towels, and I wedged a smaller bag for water bottles underneath, in the frame's ellipsis.
 It has a front bar that swings up and down, another feature not found on traditional joggers. Although, since it does not have a handbrake, it probably can't technically be called a jogger. It has a 12" front wheel, and pop off 16" rear tires, and a large front metal footplate. It reclines with a back buckle strap, and weighs 22 pounds.
 I was trying to find something a little smaller than the joggers I show on the "SQ Obstacle Course", so that I don't have to pop the wheels off for in and out of the car. There is no way around it; 12" or 16" wheels can't perform as well in soft sand as 20". But it still pushes pretty easily, and has a good sized seat. It folds quickly, too, by pulling up on the two side levers.
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  1. Hmmm...not sure if I like the look of this stroller ha ha I do like that it reclines and is fairly lightweight at 22 lbs

  2. I'm pretty sure I'm not hip enough for a stroller with this look. But not a bad review overall.