Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The PLUSH show

 In the beginning

 Now that all of the shootings and trauma and drama are done--hopefully--let's get back to having some fun. The PLUSH baby show was in LA this past week-end, at the Century Hyatt Regency Plaza. It started on Friday with a breakfast and big announcement, made by Jina Park.

She's the CEO and founder of PLUSH, which stands for "The Posh Little Urbanites Show." She announced that the current Baby Furniture Plus Association (BFPA)is now going to become the JRA, or Juvenile Retail Alliance. Its a network of independent stores and manufacturers. It's designed to help small businesses with informational programs, marketing, networking, and legal issues. They are also going to develop JRA Housing to assist homeless pregnant women.

It seemed to please everyone sitting around me.
 I was pleased to go inside the hotel, and escape our infamous "June Gloom" that was frizzing my hair. So once inside, the first thing I saw was cupcakes.
And lots of them. Everywhere.
Which turned out to be the only thing I ever saw to eat for the next couple of days. At least they were tasty.
And there was also free beer. But only if you were a man/dad.
 And there was swag everywhere, lawdy, lawdy!
I wondered what was in those bags.
 I tried to grab a quick shot.
 But in the beginning, it was only for VIP's.
 That changed by the third day, when just regular folk were carrying out highchairs and car seats and strollers and diaper bags and diaper pails and...well, we'll get back to that.
Then there was a panel on the "Current State of Baby Retail".
 Which is either terrific, or dismal, depending on whom you talk to.
 There's Jamie, btw, sitting next to real estate developer David Park, Jina's husband.

I found the body language interesting. To be continued.
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  1. How awesome it would be to attend a PLUSH show. I just love the products they feature.