Saturday, June 1, 2013

Snugli Car Seats, Snugli Carriers, Snugli Stroller

Have you heard of Snugli? Yep, that's the company that's been making carriers since 1968. They're a sister company of EvenFlo.. And now, they've expanded into highchairs, strollers, and car seats.

Kyle Bohinc, who kindly showed me the line, said there are "three things that position Snugli as a premium brand."  The first thing is "Outlast Technology", which helps regulate body temperature. Kyle said this is a tecnology that has been used by NASA in their spacesuits, for years. But Snugli is the first juvenile company to implement it.
  Here's an infrared picture shows the difference of a child's body temperature in a seat with Outlast, and without.
 The second thing is the use of "memory foam", to make the seats extra cushiony.

 Both the memory foam and outlast technology will also be used in the carriers.
 And the third thing is the "SureLatch" technology, which, Kyle says, allows you to install a car seat in under 20 seconds.

 By the way, did anyone pick up on their "kangaroo logo"? Look familiar?
One other interesting thing to note is that Kyle says all of Snugli's products are "produced and manufactured in the US". Ohio to be exact. I was a little surprised by that, so I asked him again, and he repeated the same answer--"Yep, all made in America." Who knew.

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  1. that outlast technology sounds amazing. that would be awesome in texas summer heat!

  2. The outlast technology would be great in a carrier for the comfort of both mom and baby.