Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kiddy Click n' Move 3, Evolution Pro, CruiserFix Pro, World Plus, City n' Move

Kiddy Car Seats and Strollers
Yet another Euro brand is making it's way across the pond, hoping to make as big of a splash here, as it has in Germany.
   The name of the line is "Kiddy".
 It includes two strollers, and three different car seats--one of which is generating a fair amount of controversy. 

 Their umbrella stroller is called the "City n' Move."
 Now pay attention, because these names are a bit confusing.

 It was shown in many incarnations carrying the new infant seat, the "Evolution Pro."
 The Evolution Pro will be out in the US in the fall.
It was also shown in their reversible stroller, the "Click n' Move 3."

Edmund Apperson, of Kiddy USA, Inc.,cheerily showed us several of it's features.
 Including a seat that reverses
 or faces forward.
  A 3-position recline, an adjustable footrest, napper bar,
 shock absorbing quick release wheels,
and my favorite feature, the built in rainshield.
It is hidden into the bumper bar, so you just pull it out when you need it. Brilliant!
  The other cool thing here is the fold, as Edmund shows us..

     Next up, Edmund shows us the kind of amazing Cruiser Fix Pro :

  And finally, the one that is generating the controversy. That's because it's a car seat that uses a front shield, instead of a 5-point harness
What do you think? Would you use it for your child?

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  1. These strollers all look amazing. With so many cool strollers it is tough to choose!

  2. I had no idea the Kiddy strollers reversed like that. I love that feature.

  3. I really like these type car seats. We use similar ones when we are in Germany. I am really convinced the harnesses are not as good as the pillow. The physics of the pillow makes it seem better to me.
    Anyway, if you want proof of how well this type seat works, here is the blog of a high school friend of mine: