Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stokke Scoot, Stokke Crusi, Stokke Xplory by Stroller Queen

 Stokke Scoot, Cruise, Xplory at the 2013 MINI Stroller Roll-Out!

 It's been a long time since Stokke has made an appearance in our Roll-Outs! Now they're back, and a lot has changed. New staff, new manufacturing locations, and new stroller models. Yes, a lot has changed.

 One thing that remains the same is the thing the Xplory has long been known for.
That amazing seat height--the tallest of any stroller on the market. Tall enough so that it easily doubles as a highchair in a restaurant. Tall enough that you're eye level with your child when strolling.
 Emily Wilson graciously shows us some of the other nice features on the Xplory, like the peek-a-boo mesh window in the canopy, and the pull out visor.
 The footrest here is adjustable. And the seat reclines to 5 levels. 

  Of course, the seat can face towards you, or away from you.
 And the handle is both height and angle adjustable to for optimum comfort.
 One interesting feature of the Xplory is that you can put it in "stair climbing" or "beach" mode
 and pull it along behind you.
      While the Xplory has a lot of great features, it doesn't have the fastest fold.
 And it isn't the most compact to be taking in and out of the car.
So to address these issues, Stokke developed the Scoot.

 Cute little baby in a cute little Scoot!
 Here's Cathleen Barker:


And then, what the heck, if you're adding in a new compact model to your line, you might as well add in a double, as well. And that is the new Crusi. You can use it as a single, too.
  So how does it compare to the Xplory? Take a look.

  Of course the big question is, how do they perform on the StrollerQueen Obstacle Course? Stay tuned...

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  1. I had no idea you could take it up stairs or on the beach. I learned something new.