Thursday, May 23, 2013

Regal Lager, Cybex Aton Car Seat by StrollerQueen

Regal Lager, Cybex Aton 2 Infant Car Seat at the 2013 MINI Stroller Roll-Out!
 This is Regal Lager, purveyor of fine children's gear. This company is class all the way; a favorite of Jamie's and mine.
  Of course, they are well known in our BIG Stroller Roll-Outs for distributing the Cybex line of strollers,

 including the fabulous new Twinyx that I reviewed here.

  But today, we are going to focus on their amazing new infant car seat, the Aton 2. You are going to find out why everyone is so excited about it, and what Dave Milligan gave Jamie that made him so happy. And how it's all tied together. So keep reading, and watching...

Oh, and remember, I told you that you would see Dave again? Here he is.

 He kindly and patiently showed us all the features of the brand new, just hit the store shelves Aton 2.

And explained what sets this apart from the rest.

Here are some more pics of it, since you all told me you wanted video, AND photos.
 Your wish is my command, Oh Royal Citizens of Strollerland.
 But isn't it seriously awesome?
 And here's Bengt Lager, another chap that I mentioned you would see again.
 In addition to the Cybex line of car seats, strollers, and carriers, Regal Lager also distributes the colorful  "Decor" diaper pail (check out that TIffany blue!);
 the portable "My Carry Potty"; and the high quality Bambino Mio reusable diapers.
  They are also the distributor of Lascal BuggyBoards, the excellent stroller riding board, (which I liked so well that I imported it myself from Germany before there was a US distributor);  and the KiddyGuard safety barrier.
 And just what was it that Dave gave to Jamie? His very own gold seat belt /car seat locking clip! When Jamie admired it, he just unpinned it off his shirt, and handed it to him. See what I mean? Class all the way.
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