Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bumbleride Flite Review

 "Then followed that beautiful season... Summer....
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood."

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

 Summer is the time of great beginnings...when everything is fresh and new. The warm sun and gentle breezes summon us to outdoor adventures and travel. And when you gaze at the cool blue and green tones of the "Seagrass" Bumbleride Flite, you may be inspired to take flight, to a place where lush meadows meet sparkling seas.   

  OK, sometimes the days will be grey and the grass will be brown. But at least the Flite colors remain true!

 And you can use the included rain cover so the fog won't interfere with your fun!

The front and rear wheel suspension makes the Flite is a great little choice for zipping around. Has super one-handed steering. 

 I like how deep the recline is. It's done with a one-handed pull of the back strap.
I don't know why I have read that the Flite has a skimpy canopy. Because check this out:
The Flite is small, but the extended legrest helps provide a comfy seat for viewing the sea:
The fold is done quickly and easily, by pulling the triggers up by the handles.

It folds compactly, umbrella style.

And has a side carrying handle.
I was a little concerned that the light colored interior would get dirty fast. But it is the type of material that cleans up really easily.

   The new Flite is the latest offering from Bumbleride. It comes with a matching headhugger, strap covers, the afore mentioned raincover, and universal adapter bar.
 There are some really fantastic accessories available, too. You can get a matching snack tray for the universal front bar, matching diaper bag and footmuff, and even a carrycot! Wowee! Don't know another umbrella stroller this small (sold in the US, that is), that can take a bassinette. How perfect for your summer flight of fancy!
Weight:                     15.5 pounds
Seat Back:                20"
Seat to canopy:       26"
Seat Width:              13"
Seat Depth:              8"-13"
Drop to footrest:      10"
Seat to ground:        18"
Length:                      24"
Width:                        17.5"
Height:                       41"                  

Folded:                      44"L x 12" W x 10" H

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  1. thanks SQ! love the flite! cool colors...too bad it isn't only 13 lbs like bumbleride states on their site :( love it though for a quick errand stroller!

  2. Thank you so much Strollerqueen for that great review. It seems the Flite is the perfect lightweight stroller. But I have one reservation - that the seat does not sit up straight enough. Do you feel it's too inclined, even when up all the way?

  3. Strollermama, Could you please explain how you adjusted the canopy down so far? I'm not getting it.

  4. hello stroller queen! just discovered your site and i love the detail in the reviews /=D

    i am now searching for a lightweight stroller for my twin girls. i already have a double but i'm predicting it won't do very well when we travel. so i'm looking at purchasing two singles. i just started my research and i'm thinking the bumbleride flite, a maclaren quest (or triumph?), or maybe the britax blink. just saw the maxi cosi mila too but not sure if it's already available here in canada. what do you suggest? i need something that not only travels well, but has good storage (not too tippy) and can handle a little bit of grass/sand (we love the beach and the park but don't have the budget to get several kinds of strollers, so priority is still ease for traveling).


  5. Is there a buggy board compatible with this stroller?

  6. Hi - I just ordered a Flite online, and am slightly concerned that the stroller is not upright enough...can you comment on it?

  7. hi! i was wondering if you hang your bags from the handles without the child in it, does it tip over??? thanks, Noelle

  8. Also... the carrycot is amazing! It folds flat and fits into the largest of suitcases, if you'd like to take it with you. I used it everywhere, from playdates, to grandmas, while my little guy slept. The snackpack/trays are insulates, easily wipe clean, and are super large and deep... well worth the added cost. I currently own the Indie Twin in seagrass, the carrycot, and two snackpacks (all seagrass). I own a maclaren quest sport, and although I love it, think I'll change it up and try out the flite since I love my indie so much, and the snack packs are interchangable, as well as the carrycot... so any future pregnancies will leave me set, for sure! Two single strollers are also a MUST for travel nowadays since the flight rules won't allow any stroller over 20lbs to be gate checked... there aren't ANY double strollers in this weight category worth a dime, in my opinion... and I've looked at all of them, from maclaren to other cheaper models... all are cheap contraptions, nowhere near the build quality of their single companions.